Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is the conclusion of the story. For previous installments please visit part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

SYP had never been so happy to see his wife. Just when it seemed all hope was lost she came in and saved the day. He had never been so tired either. All night he had been tracking down the Love Crazed Teen Zombies and battling the evil Purple. The Cool Kid claimed to be responsible for it all but somehow he slipped off during the clean up. That was pretty bad too. The building had been hosed down during the fight against the LCTZs. It seemed to be the most effective way to convert them back to their senses. The multipurpose room was the worst. Griz had activated the sprinkler system when all the remaining teen zombies had been rounded up into that room. That was also where the fight with purple took place. A great pillar of purple hued salt stood where Super Wife had destroyed the beast with her glare. SYP wasn't sure how to dispose of it. Who knew if it might somehow cause another outbreak? It would be best to seal it up permanently.

One of the doors was completely destroyed also. The plot went much deeper than the Cool Kid. When Griz went for the Pizzas he was knocked out and tied up in his own vehicle. It took him hours to get loose and when he got back to the church he noticed his building keys had been taken as well. When no one answered his knocking he had to break in. SYP was glad they had made so much on the lock-in. He guessed most of it would go to repairing the damage.

The one highlight seemed to be that everyone had a great time. They didn't remember their time as LCTZs but they do remember all the fun "games" and "staged" fights with over the top special effects. Everyone kept asking when the next lock-in would be. No one had any idea about who the original killer was. Of course the rest of the drama was interrupted by flesh craving zombie drama so it was unlikely anyone would guess. In the end SYP did a random drawing and one of the new kids he had never met won the Wii.

By the time parents started showing up the students were dry and ready to go. Fortunately the broken door was on the other side of the building from where the teens were leaving. None of the parents seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary. The Cool Kid had driven himself and his car was gone.

SYP called the Janitor so he could get in early. They had cleaned up most of it by the time he got there. SYP was especially concerned about the pile of salt and the broken door so they made sure that was finished and at least temporarily secured before anything else got started.

"What did you do?" asked the Janitor when he arrived late in the morning.

"Yeah sorry about all this, but hey look on the bright side, it's still cleaner than after VBS."

"Still cleaning glitter out of those classrooms."

"Need us to stay and help?"

"No, you'll just get in the way. Get some sleep cuz you know the Board will be talking to you tomorrow."


"Don't thank me just yet; I'll be talking to them tonight."

SYP just smiled and took his wife by the hand as they walked out to their car followed by Griz and the Naïve Intern.