Thursday, March 26, 2009

So yesterday I posted about the games for the March game night. If you are curious this is the description of the games.

Pizza Challenge

Find two local pizza places that deliver. During the beginning of the evening, divide the crowd in two and bring up a representative from each side. Hand each representative a cell phone and phone # of two competing pizza places. Have them each order a large pizza, tell the delivery person the situation, and that there's a $20 tip for the one that arrives first. Clearly announce to the crowd which pizza place is coming for each team.

As you are continuing your program, one side of the room will erupt into applause when a pizza driver comes in representing their side of the room. (Olympic or Rocky theme music is a plus!)

Interview the deliverer and give him the $20 tip in front of the crowd. (You can then have up front games lined up where winners get a piece of pizza.)

Foot Signing Contest

Crowd Game: Have 5 students come to the front of the room and remove their shoes and socks. Give each a felt-tipped or ball point pen. On the signal, they run out into the crowd and see who can get the most signatures on the bottom of their feet in the time limit. No one person can sign more than three feet. Can use both feet. Signatures must be legible.

Walking on Goldfish

I described it in the post Fun and Games Basically you get 4 or 5 victims that know nothing of the game. You show them the live goldfish (20 or more in a single bowl) and blindfold them while you "spread the fish on the tarp." Once they are blindfolded you get a can of mandarin orange slices and drop those on the tarp. It is important that they hear the "fish" hitting the tarp and get the crowd excited and making comments about how gross, poor fish ... Then they cross the fish grave yard. I make it a "trust" exercise where the crowd guides them across the tarp but others do a timed trial. I like more crowd involvement.


It’s called Dance Dance EVOLUTION because the style of music keeps changing and changing and students don't know what to expect next! Here’s how you pull it off.

Bring 2-4 students up front and tell them you are going to play a CD that they must dance to...without stopping! Best dancer wins.

Make a CD with snippets (I'd say about 30 seconds each) of different genres of music, (at least 10), the goofier the better. Here are some ideas:
The Wiggles (children’s TV show)
Country Song (something with a lot of twang!)
Rock Song (top 40 will suffice)
Heavy Metal
Cartoon Theme Show (like Sponge Bob)
Rap/Hip Hop (make sure it’s clean)

Individuals compete against each other for the best dance composition. You can have 2-4 students compete at the same time. Judge them for who has the most creative moves, who wasted the least amount of time trying to figure out what to do, the one willing to be the goofiest, etc.

Here are a couple of rules to help you make the game a hit with your group.

1. You can't just do the same thing the whole time. You have to change your dancing each time the music changes.

2. Once you stop dancing for more than 10 seconds, you're out!

3. Make sure the dance moves are “acceptable” by your standards. (Announce this before you begin, or else you WILL see some “dirty” dancing.)

Have fun!

Goldfish Gulp

This is a great upfront game. Supplies needed: gummy fish, 3 REAL LIVE goldfish, 10 glasses half full of water (3 containing real goldfish, 2 with just water and 5 containing gummy fish and water—these 5 are kept hidden from the chosen victims… students.

Bring three students up front and show them the 5 glasses with water (3 with real goldfish and 2 with just water). Blindfold the students and instruct them to choose a glass to drink. While they are blindfolded switch the glasses to the 5 containing gummy fish and water. Option: Award a prize for the best reaction.

NOTE: This would be a great game in which to have a live video feed hooked up. At the very least, you may want to record this one for laughs!

Call a Friend

This is a fun easy game. Pick a student with a friend at home. Ask several simple questions but make sure a couple are embarrassing. The student guesses how the friend will answer. Then call the friend and use speaker phone and the mic so everyone can hear the responses.

Banana Splits in the Mouth

Just like it sounds. One person gets a banana split in their mouth while laying on a tarp and the other person delivers the ingredients while standing on a chair.

I'm pretty certain I got all of these games from The Source for Youth Ministry on their Game Pages
. Enjoy.

Also, if you have any game ideas please share. JayDee gave me a great game that almost made this weeks games. I decided to make a theme so it didn't quite get there, but next time I'm totally playing "Egg Head."


katdish said...

ewh, feet.

the goldfish on the tarp game sounds fun, especially if the goal is a lifetime fear of goldfish. Stepping on frogs barefoot as a kid is while I still have a phobia of them.

Good times.

I remember a game/race where the participants had to eat 10 saltine crackers, then jump rope while whistling the theme from Bonanza. Not sure what the point was, but it was funny...

Nick the Geek said...

Anytime you have to try and whistle after eating crackers is good times. I recorded the Goldfish game so I'll see if anything is usable and upload it to Youtube.

We use to play a toad kicking game in Guam. The place was pretty well infested because of the whole no natural predator thing. The play you walk up to the toad and see how far you can flip the toad across the yard. It isn't about all out kicking but rather sliding your foot under the toad and making a flick that launches it 40-50 feet across the yard. Lots of fun till you get a nasty letter from Mr. Toadums of the Toad Protection Society. Then it become crazy fun.

Marni said...

That golfish/mandarin oranges games sounds SWEET! I wish I still worked with youth. Maybe I can pull this on my daughter's friends next time they come over for a movie night ;)

We always did a burping relay race. Divide into two teams and pit player vs player from each team. Give them a soda, have them chug it and then see who could burp first. After your successful burp, the next team member goes and so on. No telling how many kids will be with Jesus someday because of that game ;)

Nick the Geek said...


The goal should be to pull it on your daughter and her friends. That will be much more enjoyable for you. They can relive it if you video tape the whole thing.

The relay burp race is classic. I have enough guys and not girly girls finally to try some of those kind of games. Although some of the girly girls can really burp.

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