Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have several updates I want to make and don't really feel like waiting. To make things easier on me in the future, looking back for something I wrote, they'll be separate posts. Just a warning.

Ok, so I first became aware of the new NBC show Kings earlier this year. I don't really watch commercials since most of the TV time I have is spent watching stuff we DVRed. This means I get to skip through 30 seconds of commercial per button push, which is pretty cool.

The first few commercials I could have sworn that they said something about "what if one king ruled the world?" Seems about time for Hollywood to start convincing us we need a single world government. Well it looks like that changed because the last few commercials made it clear that the king only ruled the greatest country and that David really does defeat Goliath. OK now I'm actually interested so I look into it and the show is suppose to be a modern remake of the book of Samuel.

Spoiler Warning, I am summarizing the first show below.

I recorded the show Sunday and watched it last night. They change a ton of stuff. If you aren't familiar with the story from the Bible you won't find most of the similarities. David's dad dies in the war with Gath when the nation is formed. His mother, Jessie, is the matriarch. David goes to fight in the war not just drop off supplies with his brothers. He doesn't bravely face down a giant but full of fear and great fortune triumphs over a tank from the Goliath series. The King is Silas and his son is Jack, who is gay and a real jerk. In one scene Silas tells him that he must not be what God made him to be because he cannot be the future king like that. Very interesting slight of hand where he admits that God made him gay and in the same breath becomes the anti-gay fundamentalist. Jack doesn't like David at all because David saved Jack, who was captured, when David took out the Goliath tank and became a hero.

There is quite a bit more going on. There is a Reverend Samuels. I think I like him best. They do talk about God and Silas embraces God to start with but begins to distance himself from Him. The Reverend denounces Silas as king.

I'll keep watching it but I fear this is not the affirming show it could be. I believe this is a show that will subtly tear down God and setup the idea of a ruler that deserves our respect and worship.

Speaking of the antichrist (take the middle finger of grammar), I did realize something while watching this show. David was instituted by Samuel the prophet. Jesus was by John the Baptist, who was of the lineage of Levi and so a priest by birth. The antichrist will have a false prophet that will convince others to worship him and such. Interesting parallels that merit further thought.

Anyways, that was free. Anyone else watch the show Kings? If so what did you think of it?


katdish said...

I had no idea that was what the show was about. I might even watch it now, even if I end up throwing things at the tv.

Nick the Geek said...

yeah, I'm feeling concerned about the development of the show but the concept captured me enough to watch the first few episodes.

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