Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love Game night. It is so fun and the Youth are really getting into the tradition. Over the past few days they have been posting bulletins and such letting their friends know about the fun and excitement. I'm really excited because we have enough new people to play one of my favorite games tonight. Tomorrow I'll have a description of the games (it is scheduled) and then a review of how they went over. Walking on Goldfish will be awesome I can tell you that already. To pique your curiosity (man I butchered that word thank goodness for spell check) this is the order of events that I just finalized after eliminating some games. We've only done two of these games in the past.

March Game Night order of events.

Opening (make announcements blah blah blah)
-Ask Nick (next week)
Order Pizza (Start Pizza Challenge)
Foot Signing contest
Free time while waiting for Pizza and setting up Walking on Goldfish
Pizza arrives interview winning driver
-Where did(do) you go to school?
-Weirdest thing that has happened while delivering Pizza?
-Favorite Pizza topping?
Walking on Goldfish
Goldfish Gulp
Call a friend
Banana Splits in the Mouth.

Closing (thanks blah blah blah)
Remind everyone about Ask Nick and distribute contact info etc.

PS if you haven't already read it find out why I might go to hell in the post from earlier this morning.
PPS. Yes my actual order of events including the blah blah blahs and missing line after the -.


Helen said...

I hope game night goes well!

Nick the Geek said...


My biggest concern is how many people will be there. I really can't even guess at this point. It could be the crowd we've been having which will be 40-50 or a lot of new people could come from the invites I've seen and other invites that aren't on MySpace.

Helen said...

Yeah. And I can see how you wouldn't want them to preregister....that would discourage new comers, and new comers are a large part of the point of game night, I assume.

Nick the Geek said...

Preregistering would be nice. The way I look at it is that 75% of game night is for the people who come every week. Give them something fun each month. 25% is so they will invite friends because it is fun.

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