Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't have much to say about last night. We had a good time but I really need to get our new united worship band in place. We are shooting for mid June and the guy that has been playing lead guitar for me just hasn't been "feeling it" lately. Very frustrating. We haven't had worship the past 3 weeks so I tried something different expecting the "not feeling it tonight" response from this guy. I took my Kutless CD down and played some songs that we sing during worship off it. I actually had them asking for more so that was good. I also got some more interest in the worship band when I explained that that was close to the sound I'm really looking for personally.

Anyways, last night did have a couple really awesome points. I have been doing this series on refuge and trying to make a point about the difference between the things we try to use when we need to get away and the kind of peace that God can give even though He doesn't take away the circumstances in life. I have used examples from the Bible and my life the past two week but I asked one of the teens to share her testimony last night.

The short version is that she moved here in 7th grade and didn't have any friends. She felt very along and some really bad things happened to her. She started cutting and felt better but kept cutting more and more, deeper and deeper. Eventually they had to rush her to the ER because she had cut too deep into her leg. That didn't stop her though. She started talking to people in church who encouraged her in her walk with God and she started praying more and reading her Bible. She got out of cutting completely because of God.

The whole time everyone listened. I never get everyone to listen. At the end of service I had a few people respond for salvation including one girl that I have really been concerned about. I think what the student said really went to their hearts more than anything I've said this past year.

In other words I'm going to make a point to start having them share their testimonies with each other. I already know who I'm going to next.