Saturday, March 14, 2009

So I have been holding out for quite some time. What have I been resisting? Simply put I have never been on twitter. That has changed and I am now part of twitter.

Mostly I have avoided it because I am a major tech geek. Things like that are like bright shiny coins in a small box. You put those boxes on places with monkeys and then the monkey reaches in to grab the shiny but can't get it out with a clenched fist. The monkey refuses to let go of the shiny and you get a mostly healthy monkey.

Each new shiny traps me in a whole new way so I've tried to avoid getting into to many things because they are too hard to get out of.

Be warned.

That said, if you twitter you can follow me


Brian C. Russell said...

Ha! Welcome to the ride of conformingism... Although, it's just one more chink in that armor of secrecy you wear. Only a matter of time before those sleuth youths you've got find you!

Good luck! I'll gladly follow!

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