Monday, March 2, 2009

OK, I have been a big fan of Heroes for quite some time. I am pretty unhappy the way they took Hiro's powers and totally nerfed Peter. Quite frankly I'm not a fan of Peter to begin with but he had some wicked awesome powers. Once they nerfed him he quickly became one of my least favorite characters.

Silar, on the other hand, has quickly become one of the most interesting characters. I love the line from a couple weeks ago, "I let you live kid, and that's kind of a big thing for me." Now that he has some control over his murderous drives he seems to be quite complex.

Anyways, I am writing now because I think I just figured out who Rebel is. I could be wrong but the computer hacking is the big tipoff for me. I think it is Micah, the little boy that can control electronics. It would make perfect sense, and he is the kind of character that would be driven to be the protector. Also his ability to control computers would make it very easy for him to hide from a government that is increasingly computer driven.

Do you watch the show? What do you think?


Luckygirl said...

I HATE Heroes, but my husband watches it and I read him this post and he agrees with you about Micah. I can't handle Heroes, too dark...

SYP on the other hand, is brilliant! :)

Nick the Geek said...


Personally the darker side is why I like it. Back when I stopped collecting comics (now called graphic novels to sound more mature) they had just started to become dark and gritty. One of the ones I was reading went really weird to try and keep with the trend but most of them did a really good job making the transition. It was enough that I almost got back into them but as a teen I was too conscious of what others thought.

Now I am a geek and proud.

Steve said...

Heroes is one of 4 shows I have on my always record list on my DVR (Earl, Office, Scrubs). Sylar is one of my favorite TV characters ever.

Hiro is getting on my ever lovin' last nerve. He turned from being a cool representation of a comic book fan getting powers to being a whiny self-involved whiner.

I agree with Rebel being Micah. I haven't seen last night's episode yet, so if they revealed something else, don't burst my bubble.

katdish said...

I have tivoed every episode this year, and have yet to watch any of them. I am planning a huge sloth-fest at the end of the school year to catch up.

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I hope I'm not hating on Hiro when I finish watching it, cuz I dig him the most!

Nick the Geek said...


Hiro is really bugging me right now also, but after he "saves the day" again he seems to be a little more cool. Still I hope they "fix" him. No major reveals that I can think of. Sure the story moved forward but I felt that it was all pretty expected.


The first half of the season really changed a lot of things and felt much more like a soap opera. Much of that was resent going into this half but they are actually keeping up with some things from the first half so it is still being sorted out. As opposed to previous chapters where they basically ignored huge story arcs and characters, like what ever happened to that Irish girl that Peter took into the future? They just forgot all about her.

bman said...

This is so hilarious. Over the weekend I began planning out my post about how much Heroes sucks right now, and you beat me to the Heroes post. Dang it.

Honestly, if Micah is Rebel, that's alright I guess, but I never liked his character and they just dropped him off the face of the show. I didn't mind too much, but your idea would make sense.

Do you read the online graphic novels? Did you read the ones about Hannah or whatever her name was that could wirelessly hack into things? She was pretty cool, but... well, she doesn't make it past season 1.

Anyway, check my blog for my update on why I don't like Heroes... but, I think we all know why. Right?

Nick the Geek said...


sure you were planning your post...

I really liked Micah's character because he was interested in how he could help others with his power and also had a really interesting ability. I never cared for what they did in the second season though. I enjoyed the who Nicki thing because it made for a very interesting character. Ali Larter's new character is just boring.

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