Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tonight we did chapter 4 in Crazy Love. This is the first chapter that really burns. The profile of a lukewarm Christian shows how we tend to go through the motions instead of going all in. I warned the group that this chapter was much more difficult than the previous chapters. I told them to make sure they understood that the focus was about love and not works and to avoid the trap of feeling condemned. I tried to make it perfectly clear, but still tonight they were somewhat depressed. The video helped some but there were still parts that were hard to deal with in our brokenness. I did make a point to transition into something more positive.

In the video Francis Chan talks about doing funerals, and how some are very depressing because the life of the person leaves little hope, but some are real worship experiences because of the reality that they are worshiping with God. I asked the group to think about and share with each other memories of some that have passed who are with God and who we can celebrate with in their joy.

I got to thinking about what it will be like when we get to heaven and how different it will be if we live our life totally on fire for God. I talked about how I imagine it was for a man in the church who passed a few months ago. He was in the nursing home witnessing to friends the Saturday night and then woke up in heaven that Sunday morning.

It seems there are some amazing things we can look forward to in heaven, but I think the first two things will be God and what God shows us from our lives.

Think about it. I mean really think about it. What will it be like when you see God? I've never really been star struck. I've met several but they are just people. Actually most have been really cool because they will just talk to you. I think that coming face to face with God is going to be that classic star stuck experience. "OMG, I mean seriously you are … Do you know who you … of course you do. OMG, I mean like wow, your God. It's just. Wow. I have like this problem where I just can't stop talking when I'm blown away, but of course You know that. I don't even know why I'm talking but … you know the whole creation thing. Wow. And like everything. Wow." I imagine I would go on for a great long while making a total fool of myself but God is totally awesome and gracious so He lets me do it without trying to stop me because I have to get it over with and He doesn't make me feel foolish even though it is. Come one I said OMG twice and like an idiot I would probably say the letters even though I hate that. I don't even say OMG in real life but … well it is God so totally accurate right.

Anyways, after all that is done with I can see God telling us we did a good job (I figure a lot of us will go through this with God) and then when we are busy thinking of all our failures at not living up to what we should have, because come one we are in front of God so we really get that we failed, He takes us by the shoulders and gently turns us because we need to see what is coming. He then shows us all the things that we did right. So many little things we thought were insignificant that became huge. Like that time you were in the missions service and felt God tell you to give all you had to the offering. You only had $20 but had planned on going out to lunch after service. What could $20 do but still you gave. Then you see the lives that were changed because of it, and more and more things just like that. The big things you thought were awesome paled against the times you honored God in the little things.

Just like that ray Boltz Song Thank You for Giving to the Lord. I'm not sure if we are supposed to shun him now that he "came out." I'm not a very good Christian when it comes to shunning. I always get confused about who we are against and why. Opinions seem to change too often. At one point we weren't suppose to support Amy Grant but it seems it is acceptable again and what about Sandi Patti, I haven't heard about her in a long time. Anyways, I'm gonna post a video and if you can get past the "oh but he is gay now" thing then watch the video. If you are still hung up on it … well take time to pray instead.