Monday, March 16, 2009

I use to be afraid of thunder storms. When I was 7 we moved from Southern California to Oklahoma. Let me say that our first tornado warning was about more than I could take. I was camped out in the closet that whole night scared to death that I was going to die. Each flash of lightening and peal of thunder made me quake.

This went on till I was 11 and we moved to Guam. The first typhoon was completely different. I really enjoyed watching it move in and the fell in love with thunder and lightning. It got to wear I always slept best in the middle of huge storms, even after moving back to the Midwest I would sleep through the worst storms and wake completely rested.

This is, of course, because thunder makes everything better. Thunderstorms, thunder ball, The Thunderbirds, Hulk's Thunderclap, and most importantly Thundercats. Combine thunder with awesome cat people and get one of the best shows form the 80s. Not familiar with the show? Then catch the intro.