Friday, March 13, 2009

An update on how awesome my daughter is. She has recently started using the computer. We got a Charlie Church Mouse Kindergarten program form my mother-in-law and decided to let her start playing it earlier this week. She watched me start it one time and now we have to watch her because she will hop on the computer and start the game whenever she feels like it.

Now she is browsing the internet. I mean as I type she in cruising around Disney online. I put her on the page then went to get something before trying to find something she could do and a minute later (maybe less) I walked back in and she was in Pixie Hollow. I had to setup her account because she can't spell (she is only 5 after all) but then she started making her own fairy all by herself.

Yep, she is my mini geek. Now I just need to go find her a mini geek tee-shirt.

Found it


Helen said...

She sounds very bright!

Beth said...

Aww. Sweet. I want one for my daughter, too! She's almost 5. They would be pals. She LOVES playhouse disney and is starting to get into the older kid Disney stuff. May I also suggest for the 5 and under crowd:
I think the Lego website has some fun games for kids, too.

My three year old uses the term "click" instead of "push" when he talks about buttons of any kind. I'm thinking we might need to cut back on the computer fun...
Yay mini geeks!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Too cute. Now we need some pictures. Please oblige us :)

Nick the Geek said...


Thank you. She actually has a nice olive complexion so isn't terribly reflective at all.

My youngest daughter is a bigger fan of playhouse Disney. Th e 5 year old will watch but is much more interested in doing things or watching other girly movies like Barbie or Princess movies. She loves the new Tinkerbell movies so I'm not even a little surprised that she found her way to Pixie Hollow. I wouldn't worry about spending too much time with the computer unless he start describing colors by their hex value or speaking in binary. 101010 (the answer).

Candace Jean,
I am still making some attempt at hiding my real identity so I can share real issues without revealing the real people. I'll send you an email with my MySpace which does have pics of my kids.

Brian C. Russell said...

That's awesome. Congratulations on your geek-mentoring skills.

By the way, I shut my other blog down. Wanted to do something different. Thanks for checking though!

Nick the Geek said...

I assume it is still ok to use that abbrv. Thanks. Also I will miss you other blog but look forward to the new more creative blog.

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