Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Did you know the human stomach can hold about a quart of food? Have you ever spilled a quart of oil? I have. It is amazing how much is actually in that little bottle of oil. It can spread across several feet of garage floor.

I can also say that you would be amazed at how much is in a child's stomach. I woke up this morning, took my shower, got dressed, and went to get my kids ready. This is a pretty standard morning for me. Unfortunately my son came out holding his pants funny. I thought he peed his bed. This is pretty rare for him at 4. The last time was probably 6 months ago. I was informed that he did not pee but had thrown-up. Yep it was all over his bed and on the rug beside his bed. Very nasty.

The good news is I had to get my oldest daughter ready and take her to school so my wonderful wife took over the puke detail. I think it is fair since I had to clean up an unbelievable amount of puke from the car that she provided while pregnant with the boy that puked this morning. I still can't eat at El Chico's because the smell. That was lunch just before the car incident. *shudder*

Anyways, happy St. Patrick's day to everyone. This is my last post in this series for today.


katdish said...

There's this new thing, Nick. Did you know that you can actually schedule posts for future dates? I didn't ready the Fireproof post because I haven't seen it yet.

The Blues Clues pic on SCL was pretty spot on huh?

Nick the Geek said...

I know, I use that feature. You don't think I post things at exactly 2:00 AM every day do you? I'm a little OCD but really? I just have things planned out for the next couple of weeks and figured I post them in a string of posts while I had the time.

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