Thursday, March 5, 2009

Many things in life require a great deal of balance. Last week I found that my sense of balance is not what it used to be, specifically balance on a snowboard. There are other aspects to balance that I am getting better at but still need a lot of practice.

In youth we are still growing slowly and the people that are coming in are the kids that are not churched in the least. Mostly I'm pretty happy with how all this is going but I have one pretty big issue. I have three groups that will wonder off after they come to church. Usually they make it back but I really wish they would just stay once they get there. I know I can't force them to stay but there has got to be a better way to encourage them.

One group has been a particular problem so we notified the mother of one of the guys in a somewhat roundabout way tonight. Another person found out tonight from another source, that I did not have anything to do with, as well and was pretty hot about the whole thing.

Anyone deal with this kind of thing? How have you handled it?


Jewda said...

I experienced that problem some when I was youth pastoring in Florida. I tend to be very straight forward, though, sometimes to a fault. I told the parents of the kids in question that their kids were leaving and wandering around instead of coming upstairs to the youth loft. I told them that one, the kids are not my responsibility if they never make it to our youth space; and two, if they cannot convince their kid to show respect and be where they were supposed to be, I would prefer they not bring them on Wednesday nights.

They ended up taking a couple Wednesdays off, but then they were back and in a seat by the time we started after that.

Helen said...

I haven't. Mine is a classroom setting, so it is easier. Is it possible to get parents to patrol the area. Then, if a group wanders off, they can ask in a friendly tone...
"Hi, may I help you.."
"That's okay...we're here with youth group..."
"Oh, they went that way. Let me help you find them..."

If you were looking for something stricter, maybe you could contact Mo, from the comment section at SCL. I am not being snarky. She admitted to being demanding on one of the posts.

Prodigal Jon said...

Nick -
Are you up for doing another guest post on SCL? Shoot me an email if you are.

Nick the Geek said...


That is the tact we are taking with it right now. Our building is separate from the church and when I say they wander off I mean down the street over to 7-11 or to friends houses.

I am trying to get more volunteers. Right now most, like 90% or better, of my students' parents don't come to church and that has really affected my volunteers. I talk to MO somewhat regularly and hope she has some feedback either here or on MySpace. Her take on Youth is pretty solid trying to walk the line between justice and grace, something called love.

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