Monday, March 16, 2009

I am planning on visiting someone this afternoon that is dying with cancer. She was healed a few years ago but it is back. Her husband was healed before that and it has not returned.

I have only been here a year but have known this lady to be amazing. She worked with young children in the church until January when her illness became too much. She has gone down hill quickly and now needs someone with her 24/7.

It breaks my heart and I want to see her healed or released. I don't really want to pray that though because I think it would be so much the better to see her healed. She is not afraid to share what God has done for her. Even in her sickness she shared many small blessings God gave to her.

Please pray for her healing. Cancer seems so big and scary to us but we know our God is bigger.

Her name is JoAnn.


katdish said...

I have a friend, Dee, who battled cancer for 10 years. She finally got to a point where the treatment was too much to bear and went home to be with her family. She died surrounded by her husband and children. That woman taught me more about relying on Christ than just about anyone I know. I am praying for JoAnn

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