Monday, March 30, 2009

I have started way too many speeches that way. I enjoy having fun. Often the most fun things are at the expense of others. After all, "it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt, then it's freakin' hilarious." Seriously, the best games involve twists that result in people getting messy. When I say people I do mean someone other than myself, but for the sake of the Youth I'll take it on the chin from time to time. Not the chin so much as my entire face actually, but whatever.

Last night was Youth service in church. Once a month we get the evening service and I try to plan fun as well as sharing with the adults what I do with the Youth and what they can do for the Youth. Last night we had a great improve skit and ended up playing a game I hadn't planned on. During our drama practice I told one of the girls what she missed the previous week in Youth. When she heard about the Dance Dance Revolution game she begged me to do it during the service that evening.

Please understand that we have a very uptight sort of church on Sunday Evenings. There are lots of people over 60 raised in a denomination where almost everything was a sin. Movies, women in pants, drinking, and dancing were all evil sins when they were growing up. They aren't quite that bad, but trust me when I've said something about these kinds of things I've received some interesting looks at the very least. Anyways, I did the dancing game but apologized up from. OK sure it wasn't an apology so much as a qualified warning.

The game went great. I got one of the Youth's grandmother up there and 3 Youth and a mid 20's guy. The dancing was completely hilarious and everyone was laughing and taking pictures. I'm glad I didn't let my better judgment stop me. Of course I have now set a really bad precedent. Not so much for the church but for myself. Next month I get an "anything goes" service. The denomination national youth day is next month and I've been given the morning and evening services that day. I'm already planning for the service. I want something completely memorable. If it is my last service I want it to be something they will be talking about for years.

So before I start I need to say I'm sorry.


Steve said...

I hope all goes well on April 19. How'd I know that? Freaky, right?

Youth Sunday night is the one service A YEAR they entrust me with. I get the regular worship team to play some of "our" music since none of my kids can play a useful instrument (two flippin' French horns!). And I usually like to use the little kids for my illustration. This year's illustration involves a 4-year-old with ADD hooked to a dog collar and leash.

I don't have to pre- or post-apologize for that, though. His dad is my best friend (and the assoc pastor) and always seems to find weird illustrations for me to do when he preaches. He kind of owes me.

Nick the Geek said...

I have a whole pack of hyperactive kids I can use for an illustration. This could be interesting. Must think more on this. I wouldn't have to apologize because they are mine and I'll be paying the therapist bills in the future so no apology required.

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