Saturday, January 10, 2009

So my laptop is down and that means recreating some of the posts that I had written until I can finish sorting through all of my documents, renaming them, and sorting them back into their folders after having to recover my corrupted backup. This will be the first post I’m actually trying to retype and so I need to put my mind in a time machine while I try to remember all the funny things I had said. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Tardis so I will not be traveling by much larger on the inside blue phone booth. Instead I’ll have to try and get my brain up to 88 mph while I imagine a y shaped LED display.

Great Scott I’ve gone too far, hold on while we head back to the future before my own mother falls in love with me. If anyone asks my name is Marty McFly that way we don't mess with the time line.

Well we are back and that was close so I’ll have to just try this the old fashioned way.

Last week I wrote a post about how I want to be a Super Hero. This is certainly true there is no doubt to it. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries was kind enough to suggest that, while it was a very guy post, there should be a Super Youth Pastor, so a great big thanks to her for the idea for today’s silly post. Let us look into the Super Youth Pastor and his powers etc.


  • Able to see in the dark so that he can spot kids making purple (or other colors) on movie night or after chapel at camp.
  • Able to literally cut people down to size with biting sarcasm.
  • Much like a snake is immune to its own venom he is completely immune to sarcasm.
  • Strong enough to wrestle the entire Youth group at once.
  • Super hearing to know all the plots against him.


  • Does not know his limits.
  • Easily baited into monologing (traditionally a Super villain weakness but whatever it’s true).
  • Often found siding with the trouble he is trying to stop.


  • The Cool Kid.
  • Hyper Overprotective Mom
  • Uncaring Dad
  • The Recluse.
  • Super Senior Pastor (occasionally).
  • The Church Mafia Against Change (CMAG).

Often Joins Forces With

  • Super Senior Pastor (often).
  • EvangelGuy
  • SuperWife (Helps keep him on track countering his weaknesses)
  • People For Change (PFC)
  • The Concerned Parents Brigade (CPB)


Super Youth Pastor was a regular guy till he made the mistake of letting the Youth come up with “a great game.” There was a horrible accident that should have killed him, but Super Wife and EvangelGuy had plans for him. They took him to the CPB who had been warring against Hyper Overprotective Mom and Uncaring Dad. They did have enough resources to help with the transformation by themselves and knew only Super Senior Pastor could call on that kind of power. SSP was always stuck in the middle of CMAG and PFC trying to keep the peace and so was unavailable. CPB joined forces with with PFC pushing CMAG back long enough for SSP to come to Youth Pastor’s aid. When SSP called down the power Youth Pastor was transformed into Super Youth Pastor. He was better than before and rushed back to finish the game. The rest is history.

Did I miss anything? What other Villains must Super Youth Pastor fight? Who else does he team up with? Will he ever survive the game? dununununaaa....

I thought it would be fun to run with Super Youth Pastor but I would also like some help. Next Saturday I'm going to continue the story but the comments on this post will help shape the story. Feel free to suggest new ... well, anything for the story. I think this will be a great way to explore some of the craziness in the church. My goal is to end each week on a cliff hanger al a the original Batman TV show. So join us next week, same Youth time same Youth blog.


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Hey! Thanks for using my suggestion!

Let's see... from the youth pastors I've known...

They never let a silly thing like grammar get in the way of some good alliteration (or an acronym)

- so I guess that means one of his nemeses would be The Editrix (aka the church secretary).

On that note, in my former role as the Editrix (before I reformed and became Board Member's Wife), I would've pointed out that Concerned Parents' Brigade should probably be represented by CPB, not CPD.

Just sayin.

WV: imbittle
When James and John used their momma to get closer to Jesus, the other disciples were imbittled.

What? So what if it's not a word. I needed an "I" to spell PRIDE. Who cares? (This makes the Editrix's head explode.)

Nick the Geek said...

Steph at the Red Clay Diaries,

Editrix sounds like someone Super Youth Pastor would battle often, not that he couldn't side with her but rather that she couldn't side with him. Of course the greatest battle would be if SCLJon ever teamed up with Super Youth Pastor against her. The grammar might be enough to kill the poor villain off.

On a side note thanks for pointing out my error. One of those editing changes in the name that didn't find it's way through the initials.

jake - aka the comment novelist said...

Not to be too picky, but if you're trying to keep your teenage mother from falling in love with you, shouldn't we be calling you "Calvin Klein" instead of "Marty McFly"?

Just sayin....

Nick the Geek said...


Thanks for the comment. Yes at face value I should use Calvin Klein, but since I'm not Marty McFly then I am free to assume his identity. The danger of assuming CKs ID is that he was already running around and I really didn't want to have to deal with his stuff either.

Thus I assume Marty's identity therefor preserving my own future and forsaking his. Imagine, what if he had messed up the good name of CK or Clint Eastwood. It would serve him right if I accidentally damaged his good name while I am in the past.

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