Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last we saw Super Youth Pastor he had turned his back on Angry Dad in fear of what he had nearly done with his new powers. As he walked away Super Youth Pastor was struck from behind.

Super Youth Pastor whirled to strike his attacker and found the Recluse standing over him. The Recluse seemed much larger and Super Youth Pastor could not tell if he had grown with his anger or if standing confidently for once showed his true size. The one thing Super Youth Pastor knew was that he could not strike down the Recluse. He understood what had happened. He made a mistake in attacking Angry Dad like that. No matter how much he deserved it the Recluse only saw his dad being hurt.

The Recluse struck again. *POW!* A powerful blow knocked Super Youth Pastor back into the street. Super Youth Pastor wished he had brought Super Wife along. She would have stopped him from making such a stupid mistake in the first place. She would know how to diffuse the anger that was controlling the Recluse. His body told him that he could wrestle the Recluse to the ground, but he knew that would only make things worse.

Another blow. *BAM!* This time he was crushed to the ground. Now his body was telling him he needed to make a decision, much more of this and he would be overwhelmed.

This time he saw it coming. He still didn't have the heart to strike back but he easily dodged the strike. As Super Youth Pastor's mind raced he saw everything going on around him. He saw the tears running down the Recluse's face. He saw a moth fluttering near the streetlight and he saw Angry Dad beginning to stand to his feet.

Things were getting out of hand. How was Super Youth Pastor going to take on both of them when he could bring himself to strike down either of them. All the while the Recluse was raining punches and kicks down on him which he easily dodged, blocked, and parried harmlessly to the side. That is when Angry Dad started laughing.

"Is that the best you can do boy? I've seen snails move faster than you."

The Recluse began to shrink back into himself.

"Come on boy, if you're gonna hit him then hit like a man not those weak little boy punches."

The Recluse stopped all together then.

"Bah, just go inside you worthless brat."

As he turned to walk back in Super Youth Pastor said to him so very quietly, "I'm sorry. I really screwed up tonight."

The Recluse didn't acknowledge him and Angry Dad only glared, too cowed to say anything himself.

Super Youth Pastor got back into his car to go home and talk to Super Wife about what happened.

What new evils await Super Youth Pastor? Will he ever come to grips with his powers? What vile plans will the Recluse concoct now?

Join us next week. Same Super Youth Pastor time, same Super Youth Pastor blog.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Yes! That was awesome. My nemesis was always 'Overprotective-Suspicious-of-Everthing-Dad.'

Nick the Geek said...


I have experience with this nemesis but only as a mom instead of a dad. I find a lot of my time is about keeping this person up to date with everything because the mroe over protective the shorter the memory.

"You didn't tell me ..."

"Um yes I did, 5 times in letters."

"re you calling me a liar, I don't think I can trust my baby with someone who would call me a liar rather than admit he forgot to tell me something."

Exasperation "You got me I'm lazy and a liar but my wife is coming and she'll take care of your baby like her own."

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