Monday, January 5, 2009

Who you ask? Exactly.

Doctor Who that is. I have warned you all that I am a geek. This hasn't been hidden since it is right there in my name. If you are shocked then I guess you need to start considering you own discernment as being at fault. That said, many people don't know who the Dr. is. I have name dropped him a couple times lately and Adelaide has asked me some questions, which I answer below. Let me introduce a few of you to the Tardis and time travel. You may not know if but you can travel through time using many unusual objects not just a Delorian going 88 MPH, which is another post altogether.

The Doctor is a character in a series called
Dr. Who
. Very few people know his real name and it is never revealed in the series. He is simply known as "The Doctor." Of course many say "Doctor who" which of course is the reason for the series name. This series originally aired back in 1963. This was a bit before my time so I had to find out about it years after it was cancelled. Then, to my surprise, it was brought back in 2005. Of course some of the original series fan probably didn't like this new version, but these are my Doctors. Yes I did intend the plural. That is actually a part of the show, the Doctor has been played by 10 different actors now. It is part of the character. Every so often he has to regenerate and so becomes a whole new person. Certainly daring to change up the title character like that, but it really works for the series. Each actor plays the Dr. differently. That is whole point. It isn't just a different body it is a different personality.

The Doctor also travels with human companions. They are really the driving factor in the stories. They help tell the story because the things we don't' understand they don't understand. It is a great device form a story telling POV, especially in the sci-fi genre. The nice thing about Doctor Who is that it has a device built in to explain everything to the people who watch the show. If you aren't a geek like me then you will likely still enjoy this show. There are two places you might start, the first season of the 2005 re-release or the second season of the same. There first is probably the best place because everything gets explained to the companion, Rose Tyler. Of course, you will be expected to suspend your disbelief. They don't explain the how of everything or even the why in some cases. You are just told this is what is happening so you know what is going on. For example, the Doctor's screwdriver is never really explained except to say that it can do almost anything. It is a sonic screwdriver after all nto just some silly old Philips.

So to the questions I was asked.

Favourite Doctor ever?

I really liked Eccleston and couldn't imagine Tennant as the Dr when I first heard he was taking over after the first new season. Then about halfway through his first season I decided his super fun take on the Dr. really made him the most fun of all the Dr.'s and I'm now wishing he could be around longer. Especially since I hear the reason they are replacing him is because they need someone to handle the darker stuff that is coming. I really think he could handle dark quite well, he has in a few episodes.

Favourite assistant ever?

Rose. She just seemed to have the right chemistry, and I really loved the way the whole romance thing kept playing back and forth ... not that it would ever go anywhere. Also, they really did a great job of telling the story of learning about the Dr.'s world through her for the new series. I thought it was brilliant the way the handled her. Absolute least favorite glad she will never be the assistant again is Donna. Oh she grated on me so much. I didn't care for her in that Christmas special and why on Earth did they have to bring her back?

Favourite episode ever?

Favourite David Tennant episode?

Honestly, the answer to both is the same. "The Doctor's Daughter." Admittedly these have the horrid Donna, but Tennant and Jenny were brilliant together. I loved watching her grow into what she was suppose to be and the end when she take off in the shuttle ... just wow. I really hope they bring her back to travel with the Dr. for a little while. It would never work for more than a couple episodes at a time, but it would be great. Running close for favorite in general episode is "Bad Wolf" and "Parting Ways" which was a great two parter. I loved when Rose saves the day like that. Just great, and that future is hilarious and disturbing all at once.

Anyone else watch the Doctor and want to chime in their responses? Do you think the first run or second is better?


bman said...

I've always been intrigued with Dr. Who and the new season of it. I just couldn't get into another show on top of the other shows I'm into!
Thanks for the intriguing bits though... maybe I'll try to catch it on hulu or something, that way I don't have to convince my wife!


Adelaide (Addy) said...

Laughed so hard when I saw you had written a whole post in response to the comment I had written!

Thanks... =) I love wasting people's time! (If you were a Time Lord, you'd have all the time in the world to waste, though!)

I have another question that I forgot to ask you - favourite alien ever?

(Yes, this can include Cybermen, etc., that are not technically aliens - but humans converted to robots. I would have written favourite enemy ever, but I also wanted to include creatures that weren't strictly enemies, such as the Ood. But, no, the Doctor does not count.)

Oh, another question - favourite Doctor Who quote?

One more - least favourite Tenant episode?

Wow. My answers to those questions are COMPLETELY different to yours - except for DT being my favourite Doctor (though I was quite a Tom Baker fan before he came along... not that I was alive in his day - I watched the re-runs!).
No offense - your answers were honestly awesome, more than I ever could've asked for - but here goes my comments on your answers:

I. Do. Not. Like. Eccleston.
And. I. Really. Do. Not. Like. Rose. At. All.

And I also disagree with your opinion of Donna. I loved her purely because she was so different to the past assistants. She didn't really fall in love with the Doctor, and she always held her own - she didn't take anyone's crap - yet she was also sensitive at times. She was just so sarcastic, independent and ... original.

But I liked Martha the best out of the Tennant serieses. (Mickey was cool too, though I wouldn't really count him as an actual assistant.)

I loved The Doctor's Daughter, but it wasn't my favourite. (My crazy friends and I often re-enact the scene where Jenny dies, and then the one where she comes back to life...)

What was my favourite episode? I'm not sure... I liked SOOOOO many!
I REALLY LOVED the whole Master arc at the end of the third series! It was AWESOME! The Master was AMAZING (in an evil way, of course) - and I hope he comes back! Yeah, that last episode of the third series might be my best episode. Of DT - and ever.

My least favourite episode - atcually, most hated - would have to be Midnight. Horrible. What a competely pointless waste of time. Repetitive and plain stupid. Yeah, the copying was cool for a bit, but it ended poorly, and, yeah - just terrible in general (especially after the brilliant library two-parter before it).

Anyway, mega props to you for answering me in such a dramatic way! But, I still want to know if you've seen the new Doctor and what you think of him so far? And I look forward to hearing you say how much you love to hate the Daleks... (Just a guess at your answer to my first new question.)

Addy said...

Wow. Sorry for the longest comment ever. Probably. But, hey, I am passionate about my Who.

Addy said...

Once more - sorry!

I think it would be AWESOME to have Jenny be the new assistant! That would be absolutely INCREDIBLE! I LOVE Jenny, and I know many others did too, so I think she'd be great...

Nick the Geek said...


Just watch out for Addy, I think she might just strap you to a chair and force you to watch every episode ever.

Nick the Geek said...


I was just kidding about the chair thing. Really :).

Favorite alien ... hmm that is hard there are so many good ones. The ood are just creepy holding their brains and all. The Dalek are great though. "Exterminate." that is one of the best lines ever. Honestly I don't know if I could pick an absolute favorite though, but if forced I love that little red guy from the Titanic Christmas Episode. He was perfect.

Favorite Doctor who quote: Seriously you didn't guess it from my constant use. "Brilliant" Ok that is just a joke but I love that usage. I'll have to think about this one, but I'm leaning towards the one from that Titanic episode where he tells everyone they need to listen to him and they are questioning him so he throws down about all that he is and such. I'll have to try and find the exact quote, but it isn't what he says as much as how he says it.

My least favorite Tennant episode is The Runaway Bride. I just don't like Donna and with Tennant struggling with losing Rose he is really off his game. I will say Midnight approaches creepiest episode status, though I think Blink slightly edges it out. Weeping angels scare me now. Freaky little quantum things.

Jenny would be great for a little while, but not long. Maybe a season before she grows past the Dr. To be honest they should use that to give the show a spin off worthy of the series. She wouldn't have her own Tardis so she would always be hitching rides with other people but that would make it more interesting.

bman said...

Might not be such a bad thing. Especially if it causes such robust commenting and discourse.

Carry on.

Addy said...

Sorry for going on so much! It's just that I haven't talked to anyone about Doctor Who for ages - my Whovian best friend moved away this year, so I've been left alone with nobody who cares about the show at all. I got excited, okay?

And it's basically the only show I ever watch - I don't have cable TV, so I only have 3 free channels that have nothing half decent on them, so I watch Doctor Who online.

Ah, yes that red guy! Banakafalata - or whatever his name was...! He was awesome!

Anyway, I promise I'll shut up now. Goodbye. Forever... Maybe.

Nick the Geek said...


I was just kidding about the chair thing. I enjoy letting my geek out. I openly admit it so feel free to bring the Who.

lanban said...

Definitely love the Doctor, in any shape or form. I, too, will miss Tennant sorely, and I agree that Rose was the best companion, but I have to say my favourite episode was Blink, hands down. Talk about creepy and fascinating and just plain COOL!!! Of course, the whole show is awesome. It's good to know that there are other Doctor Who nerds out there! lol...

Nick the Geek said...


Thanks for commenting. I have to say that Blink just plain creeps me out.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Wow. I'm not a huge Whovian, but I do have some knowledge thru my son and our friends in the UK. They're the ones who introduced us to The Doctor, and my 11yo loves the show.

Just now I asked him to help me connect the assistant names w their descriptions. I've only seen episodes w Donna, so I have no other frame of reference.

LOVE Tennant. Especially the wide-eyed thing he does. And when he wisecracks.

I've only seen a couple episodes in full, and I don't know the names.

The Titanicish one was GREAT. (with the winged angelic assassins)

I watched the Pompeii episode 2x somehow. Tennant's wisecracking was fun in that one.

I like the humor and absurdity of the show. It's so very English.

Wow. I feel like I'm barging into a secret club. Can I be an honorary member? My son has Dr. Who trading cards AND a sonic screwdriver. Does that count for anything?

WV: browe
I don't feel qualified to discuss something as high browe as Dr. Who, but I'm going to anyway.

Nick the Geek said...


We'll allow you in as a mother of a Who fan. You have seen a couple of the better episodes. Very fun ones and the Pompeii episode really started some important changes in the Dr. Changes I think that will be reflected in the new darker Doctor we are suppose to be getting.

I think it is the sonic screwdriver that pushed you into acceptance. It is a very British show, but not nearly as much as some of the other British comedies I watch.

Anyone ever watch Red Dwarf? Very interesting sci-fi British comedy.

"Dave they are dead, they are dead dave all dead. Dave they are all dead ..."

"Hollie are you saying that everyone is dead?"

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