Friday, January 30, 2009

I am trying to be a nice person. Over at SCL there is a nice fun blog post about the end of time. There have been some funny comments and some serious comments. I don't agree with 100% of the comments and I did respond to someone who posted something I didn't totally agree with, but I feel I was generally nice about my comment focusing on some places where I felt there was agreement and bringing out how there might be more to the story.

OK, now someone has posted something that is just plain beyond hair brained. I want so bad to tear this insanity apart there in the blog but it is not my blog and not my post and I quite frankly do not trust myself to be kind in my comment.

Instead of saying how stupid a person must be to believe that the tribulation began in 1988 and how the dates are unbelievably arbitrary with way too many potential variations to nail down a single year much less a single day based on inaccurate calculations of misunderstood scriptures I will say that I am going to just walk away and hope someone will take up this challenge in my stead.

Just so you understand, this is me not flaming someone. You really don't want to see my light the fire of stupidity upon the head of an unsuspecting idiot. Well, you might want to se it and I will certainly enjoy it but then I'd feel bad.