Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shortly after being brought from the brink of death do to a terrible accident in a super awesome game the new Super Youth Pastor rushes back into the game he had barely survived. With his new super powers he wins the game with such style that the entire youth group is impressed. Everyone but Cool Kid and the recluse that is. They sat back in their respective corners plotting.

Super Youth Pastor, able to here all plots against him even if they are not spoken, knew that his only choice would be to reach out to these two before they teamed up against him. Cool kid would be much to hard to reach right now, because Super Youth Pastor was threatening his power of cool with the way he had shown everyone up in the game. This meant Super Youth Pastor had to find a way to reach the Recluse. Super Youth Pastor had tried for years to reach him, but that was when he was just youth pastor, so maybe he had a chance.

As everyone was leaving Super Youth Pastor tried breaking the ice but recluse would have none of it. As the Recluse turned to leave that is when Super Youth Pastor saw the mark on the Recluse's neck. Normally the long stringy hair of the Recluse covered this spot but Super Youth Pastor's new super sight illuminated the just healing bruises. He knew the Recluse would be walking home and made a play at offering a ride. Somehow the Recluse accepted and Super Youth Pastor pulled the car around. It was a long quite ride but Super Youth Pastor was feeling pretty good until they pulled up. The car had barely stopped moving when the yelling started.

Angry Dad came storming out yelling obscenities. He took one look at Super Youth Pastor and simply said, "What are you looking at !@#$%^!?!" Maybe it was the excitement of having new superpowers or maybe it was the fear that Angry Dad beat the Recluse, but Super Youth Pastor wasn't about to just walk away.

This was the first time that his super sarcasm kicked in. Each sarcastic remark struck like a blow.

"I'm looking at a real big man ..." and Angry Dad fell backwards.

"What learn to walk recently?" and he was on his knees.

"Yep you really should spend more time in prayer," and a small cut form on his cheek.

The sight of actually drawing blood with his cutting sarcasm snapped Super Youth Pastor to his senses. What kind of damage could he do? How would he help if he became like those he stood against. There had to be a better way. Super Youth Pastor turned to walk away.

That's when the first blow came.

Will Super Youth Pastor ever learn to control his sarcasm? Who hit him? Will he survive to learn the better way? Join us next week same Super Youth Pastor time same Super Youth Pastor blog.

Please help with the ongoing saga of Super Youth Pastor. If you are in ministry share your frustrations so Super Youth Pastor can take them on as villains. Was someone in your ministry a real hero recently. Let Super Youth Pastor team up with them. Just want to see Super Youth Pastor in some absurd situation? Let me know.


The OC Josh said...

He needs to combine with the Naive Intern and the grizzled old volunteer to take on the dreaded overnighter a.k.a lockin.

Combating the crazy jr.highers and the teens trying to make purple in the dark corners of the building will make it a night to remember.

Jordan said...

Yes! I LOVE The OC Josh's idea!
Please, please, make our dreams come true, oh great Super Youth Pastor!

wv: conite - Super Youth Pastor's weakness, perhaps?!

Nick the Geek said...

I think I have found a multipart "zombie" story arc for the month of February. Thanks OC Josh for the idea and Jordan for the encouragement.

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