Friday, January 9, 2009

So I had a very nice post written just for today to welcome everyone that visited because I was a guest writer for Jon over at Stuff Christians Like, but alas technology has conspired against me and my laptop is all alone in some service center waiting to be poked and prodded by cold unfeeling technicians. OK, admittedly the cold unfeeling part might be nice for a laptop. I tend to get angry and heated. Still, my laptop has the file I want sitting there in a little directory carefully named so that I can find it easily. Being a good geek I took the time to backup all of my files.

Sure I wouldn't have access to the convenient program that lets me edit my blog posts before sending them out, but the file would be there in my nice little folder carefully named so that I can find it. Then disaster and detestation struck. That last part is an inside joke only a few of you will get but the laughs will be worth it. If it is important for you to get the joke you will need to read my blog from Wednesday and the comments. Of course it won't be nearly as funny after the work so sorry.

What was the disaster, well nothing less than two of my larger directories, and all sub-directories, was corrupted. Literally 16 GB of information lost. Fortunately I am a geek and I was able to recover the files but i need to sort through mountains of document files because the recovery process doesn't put them into nice little folders with clear names like they were before the corruption.

This brings me to the freaky Friday switch of the day, as opposed to the switch that would have been funnier but didn't work out. I had asked Jon if he would be interested in pulling a real Freaky Friday and write something for my blog as well. It would have been grand, but he is busy writing other things like his book. Since I want him to finish the book I guess I'll accept that as an excuse.

Now where was I before something distracted me? Oh yes, my switch for the day. It occurs to me that this whole idea of blogging can only exist in the information age, but I thought it would be fun to see how it would work in other ages. Going backward:

  1. The Teenage: For someo of you this might not be the first age we cross. The internet has been around since I was a teenager so it counts. The natural existence of the blogosphere during this time prior to the existence of blogging was summed up in a teenagers journal or diary. Now I never kept anything like that but I did know people who did. The thought that anyone could read and respond to these would have scared a god many teens straight. Teen girls every where joined together against younger brothers crying, "I'll kill you for reading my diary." It was a grand time.
  2. The Newsage: People still read the paper and watch news on TV. I know this must be true because they still print papers and make News shows. I generally don't and huge portions of my generation don't. Back in the day, though, they had an editorial section in these papers where people could write in and comment on what otehr people have said. This would be printed allowing for debate. I would say intelligent debate but the reality from wha tI've seen is that the paper wasn't all that discrimenent. Certainly very close ties to blogland. I would say that if you mashed the comics and the editorial with instant updateing you get almsot exactly what we have here.
  3. The after church gossipage: The next best thing to blogging is finding out all the latest dish at church. Nothing travels faster than the speed of rumor in a church. This can be demonstrated by the fact that a rumor has less mass than a photon. Rumors are often based in fiction and fiction is not real and something that is not real cannot have mass, which is how they spread so quickly. I'm sure you have always wondered how that worked, bu there is it in simple math and physics that cannot be contested.
  4. The Stoneage: Yes even back then they had a version of blogs. On the backwall of the cave they would draw pictographs telling of their conquests and such. Then someone else would edit the post and complain that a moose has two antlers not just one, but enver mind the critism it really was a funny picture. Oh it was a wonderful age, but alas it was not to last.
I wonder if anyone can think of other ages and how blogs might have been represented in them? Please leave your ideas.


heartafire said...

I can't get past the part where Jon wouldn't guest-comment on your blog.

Is he getting too big for his britches?
Mr. I-Have-a-Bookdeal bigshot?
Mr. no-more-time-for-you-little-people?

What gives?

Andy said...

Well, there was the Reformation age. Bloggers would post their insights on chapel doors. Response posts then took the form of some pretty nasty debates, tribunals and excom-things.

There were no youth pastors back then that we know of - only farmhands and monks in training.

Nick the Geek said...


Seriously. I tell you what. Actually he said he would love to do something like that at a future date but was just too swamped right now. If I had thought of it back when he first asked me instead of on Monday then maybe things would be different.

Reformationage ... good job very funny. I'm not sure how I feel about laughing so hard about the tribunals and excom-things. My first response was, "gives a whole new meaning to flaming response." I'd say there was something wrong with me but I'm a youth pastor so it is a given.

Max02 said...

Hey Nick,

I loved the part about the rumors having less mass than a photon. I'm actually one of those people who have wondered the exact mathematics and physics of it all..okay, not really, but still, enlightening.

Sorry about all the typos in your blog, I know you had nothing to do with them. It's all that corruption in the world (laptop) that goes around these days. Parents should never have allowed their spawn to watch that blasted MTV and those dirty Dawson's Creek kids sleeping in each other's rooms.

Nick the Geek said...


I love made up physics. That is why I'm a geek and why Sci-fi is awesome.

Darn scarn MTV dun corrupted my laptop. I knewd it. (as opposed to nude it which is pronounced the same but involves all kinds of other potential corruption)

bman said...

Ha! Total detestation! (Was anyone else in on that?)

This is turning out to be a really fun saga of what happens when computers fail. Isn't it funny how much we rely on them? Backing up our files and such. Saving it to another hard drive that's destined to tap tap tap tap tap crash? (If you're confused about the tapping, your hard drive hasn't keeled over to die yet, has it?)

I guess there's some sort of lesson to learn from all of this... but, I think you're experiencing a sort of Dark Age right now without your laptop, so, chances are, you're not going to learn anything from it!

Andy- I like the Reformation age! So, I guess you'd need some nails for that blogging. You know, to tack stuff up. I think this still goes on in college campuses. Isn't that what the people with trendy classes and indie bands do with their lunch break at college? Walk around and tack up stuff about their band or something they believe in on the bulletin boards?

wv: oupsymer

Pronounced "oopsie mer", and is when two merpeople have an unexpected (post-marital!) merbaby!

"Well, we weren't planning on having a child, but, Jared was the best oupsymer we could ask for!"

Ryan B said...

I remember it bman!

What about the Ice Age: Bloggers would carve their "insight" on the walls of glaciers only to come back looking for comments and finding that their world changing thoughts had melted away.

Or the Great Depression: So many blogs are being written complaining about the economy that they are causing mass inflation. Thus most blogs get dumped out with the milk.

Congratulations on getting the opportunity to write for SCL Nick. That's awesome.

Max02 said...

SciFi is awesome. I haven't had a chance to watch it in a while, though. Never really got into Dr. Who, although my old roommate did. I was more of a Stargate fan (both SG1 and Atlantis).

Again, my old roommate had the entire Stargate Series on DVD.

Good times.

heartafire said...

I was digging on the detestation too, bman.

Re; reformationage. ha! I think he must have spent a lot more time than I usually do, before putting the hammer down on "send." Good one, Andy

Nick the Geek said...

Sure mock my pain; I can feel the love really. Just like those arrows Cupid fires. Now will I learn anything? Sure I should have bought a Mac. I'm only a little envious over my sister's new MacBook.

@Ryan B,
Thanks for the comment and the congrats. Yes Ice Age bloggers were very prolific but many academics refuse to believe in them since the proof has melted away. That is the problem with only believing in that which you think is real.

You better watch SciFi tonight if you were a Stargate fan. The final episode of Atlantis airs today. This is generally working out to be a sucky week for me. First my laptop takes a header, then OU looses, and tonight will be the last episode of Atlantis, which I really enjoy. At least I got to write a guest spot over at SCL so it all evens out ... maybe even goes to the positive slightly.

Total detestation to all who mock me. I wonder how long he worked on the 97 thesis. That seems like a lot of work. If it were me I would start off strong and then get board. In the end I would just slap a stick note on the door and go to bed.

Max02 said...

I've actually missed out on the entire season 3 of Atlantis, so even if I watched this week, I'd still be sorely behind. I'm waiting for my friend to buy the rest of the Atlantis seasons before I watch all of them.

Also, didn't you hear? There's a NEW Stargate series coming out.

I don't know how to put links into comments, but I think you get the archaic copy/paste procedure down.

Helen said...

Hi Nick. I don't have anything to say, but I wanted to let you know I was here. And wearing a helmut. ;-)

Nick the Geek said...


I stand by my comment. That isn't stargate that is Star Trek under a different name. It might be good but they are getting further away from the characters I've grown to love. I can tell you all you need to know before going into tonight's episode. As far as I can tell catching last weeks episode will get you up to date. Somewhat anticlimactic just like the series finalé of SG-1

Helmut ... yeah I get so say something about someone else's typo. OK not as fun as it sounded. Thanks for dropping by and commenting I promise to put all my hammers away while you are visiting. Helmut, isn't that what Cerberus is? I guess I couldn't resit sorry Youth pastor thing, one to many blows to the head.

Sayalle said...

Did you mean to write SLC in thetitle of this post - or do you actually mean SCL? Unless it's called Stuff Like Christians, I think you meant SCL.
Sorry to be a little know-it-all, but, hey... that's my job.

Max02 said...

Ah, oh well. I guess I won't be watching it then. I really dislike Star Trek. I'm more of a Star Wars guy myself. My roommate kept telling me I'd like it if I would only watch it, but I've got way too much Star Wars info locked away in my head to add anything about Star Trek.

Editor's Note:

It's actually "one too many blows to the head." Unless you meant to say it as a variable indication of how many hits you've had. As is, one to twelve, or one to thirty.

And, did you mean SCL instead of SLC? Cause I think that would be Stuff Like Christians, making a christian something you can own and or buy.

Just sharing the love.

Helen said...

"I guess I couldn't resit sorry Youth pastor thing"

Yeah. I don't think I would know how to resit it either. ;-)

Nick the Geek said...

It says SCL ... serious I don't know what you guys are thinking I would never go and fix it then pretend that it was right all along but if I did that I would say "thanks for catching that" and blame it on writing before my coffee which is pretty much all day most days.

It will be based on Stargate events so it won't really be Star Trek, but why you gotta be such a hater man? Trek is awesome .. well good to awesome. Speaking of to ... um yeah I meant to say that. If I've been hit once in the head it explains it as well as any number up to many ... see perfectly logical and quit picking on the guy with head injuries. Did I ever tell you about the time I shot myself with a nail gun? It was in my hand not my head but still pretty cool.

Look you understand Youth so well already and I didn't even need the hammer.

Max02 said...

Sigh, I completely understand. As an ex-youth/high school ministry guy, I feel your pain; I've had quite a few shots to the head myself. Although, thankfully I've never nailed myself with a nail gun. My specialty was wrestling with students ranging from 90-300 lbs. Tons of fun.

I get the detestation comment now. I like Heroes, but there's so much more they can do when you think about all that's available to them. I am glad Peter has his powers back, though. Does anyone know whatever happened to the lady who could telepathically connect to the internet??? That would be one cool power to have.

Nick the Geek said...

The nail gun was in my former life as a carpenter while paying for my schooling. I have lots of injuries from that but it has already been very useful learning for my new life as youth pastor. I try not to wrestle too much since most of my kids are girls. I really don't understand why it is kinda freaky. A few of the guys we do have really enjoy it though.

I think the technopath was actually a young boy, Micha. Nicky and DL's boy to be specific. They showed him briefly in this season when Tracy (Nicki's triplet sister) goes for a visit and finds Nicki is dead. I hope they bring him back. We bought season 1&2 for Christmas. I was watching season 2 and forgot how many things they dropped when they went on to season 3. Stupid writer's strike. There was a girl that got stranded in the future they totally forgot about. Weird. Here's hoping the second half of season 3 doesn't drop the ball like that.

Steph said...

Gret job on SCL Nick, I'll try to do some back reading here and see whatcha got!
(like you care) Lol

WV: cultene...the adjective describing SCL in,
" The commenters on SCL have become somewhat cultene by nature."

Nick the Geek said...

Thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoy the rest of what I've written.

Max02 said...

I know about Micah. However, there was this lady who found one of the guys out in the middle of nowhere. Watch season 1 again and you'll see the little blip that she plays.

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