Thursday, January 22, 2009

So tonight in Youth we had no adult supervision. Well, that isn't entirely true but my wife was home with the kids and my second in command was working late so that left me and my younger adult volunteers who are 20-22. It is sad to think that the 20 year old was the most mature person in the room. I almost did something really stupid. Some of the kids had some energy drinks and I thought, "without my wife here to stop me I can run over to 7-11 and pickup a monster just to see what happens. She won't be able to stop the potential carnage." then I made the mistake of saying that.

The problem is this, I don't drink coffee very often and I've never had the modern energy drinks. I don't drink sugary stuff anymore either. I have more energy that the rest of the youth and have been recently informed that I'm must more ... I'll use the words spontaneous and energetic than previous YPs. I am generally willing to do all kinds of crazy things and my wife has her hands full keeping me in line. All of this without the energy drinks.

I figure there are really only two possible outcomes. Have you seen Hoodwinked? You know when they give the squirrel coffee? Yeah that is potential reaction number one. I've seen how the teens get on the energy drinks and they start of much more mellow than I am and have built up an immunity. I'm sure I would handle it just fine if I got on them back in HS. I moved from DP to Mnt Dew to Jolt back then but then I backed off in college. Now I don't need the other stuff to keep me energized so the added stimulus would be like throwing gasoline on the fire.

The other option is the sudden shock to the system might just kick my 30 year young heart into super overdrive. In some ways I think having someone a bit more mature around to deal with that kind of possibility would be a good thing. Oh well maybe next time.


Max02 said...

Caffeine has no effect on me. So drinking all those energy drinks wouldn't do much to me. I once drank almost an entire 3 liter of Mountain Dew a while back and the only thing that happened was my teeth hurt the next day from all the sugar.

On another note, I was listening to the David Crowder band a while ago and it made me think of you. It's because when I imagine what some people look like, I imagine you to look something like David Crowder. He seems a bit geeky, really energetic, and I think he would do well in Student Ministry.

wv: conal

Something that is shaped like a cone.

Nick the Geek said...


Caffeine has little effect on me either. It tends to be the sugar that does it. I do drink coffee occasionally with little effect so long as I don't drink too much. Since I don't drink it to often I get a crushing headache if I drink more than the equivalent of a few cups.

Thanks for comparing me to David Crowder. I would love to be that cool in my geekiness.

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