Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am blessed to have the Senior Pastor I have. I feel it is very important to fall under the authority of your Senior Pastor as a Youth Pastor. I made sure to ask mine some questions during the interview to make sure that I would be able to serve under him. I wanted to know his vision for the church and expectations for me. His answers were exactly what I needed to hear because they lined up very well with what I felt God was calling me to. We have been able to work very well together. I work to keep him in the loop on what I am doing and to stay under the protection of his authority in all that I do.

I have heard some horror stories from various other YP friends though and so I've decided to try and consolidate the many pastors out there into a few types based on their attitude towards people that work under them.

Hands off:

This pastor is not interested in what you are doing just as long as they don't get a phone call about it. You can do an illustration or game and its fine. You can plan any kind of trip or event without fear of being shut down. Work the hours you want and do what you want when you are working. This pastor is obsessed with one small area of ministry and so long as you don't bother them you will be able to get away with murder.

Pros: You have complete freedom to run your department how you see fit.

Cons: This environment can be plagued with a lack of vision and don't expect any kind of mentoring or direction.

Greatest Enemy: Overprotective parent with his home, work, and cell numbers.

The former Youth Pastor:

This guy wasn't just a Youth pastor he was the youth pastor before you took over. The old pastor stepped out and the church asked him to step up. You think that is your Youth group now, think again. You will be preaching what he has picked and doing the events he has planned. Let's face it, you're only there because he can't be Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor.

Pros: You won't ever have to think while working for this guy.

Cons: You won't ever have to think while working for this guy.

Greatest Enemy: The families that wish the Senior Pastor before him would come back.


The pastor that can't trust anyone to do their job right. They set very strict office hours and expect constant updates on what you are doing. How does this guy find the time to do everything the Senior pastor is suppose to do? My guess is way too much coffee.

Pros: … umm, well, you usually get 2 days off a week according to the very strict schedule.

Cons: It looks really bad to leave a church as soon as you realize that you are working for a micromanager.

Greatest enemy: The hippy Youth Pastor

The best friend:

The pastor that wants to be your best friend. He wants to spend every lunch with you and a couple of dinners each week. He tries to go on every youth event and tries to be the Youths' best friend also. He wants to know everything you have been up to but because he actually cares about you not like the micromanager that just wants to make sure you are busy.

Pros: Can be a great mentor and actually cares about you.

Cons: Often tries too hard to be cool and embarrassed you in front of other friends and the Youth.

Greatest enemy: Anyone that takes up too much of your time.

There are certainly other types of pastors but these are the ones that I have been hearing about lately. Of course these are stereotypes but some pastors really do these things. Oh the horror stories I have heard. Also, I have used the male pronoun but female pastors can do the same things. I will say that no matter how bad your Senior Pastor is, you should still speak highly of him in front of others. Find nice things to say and look for the positive. It is never appropriate to tear down any minister in your church.