Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So tonight we got through a big chunk of the book of Revelation. I have been covering the End Times for 3 months in my Young Adults class and we are almost done. We started with a time line (actually multiple time lines) showing how various parts of the entire Bible need to be understood for any study on the End Times including the major books like Daniel and also all manner of other passages from Genesis to Exodus. Someday I might post the file with some notes explaining it. It is huge, printed on tabloid paper so it takes a bit of explaining.

Anyways, we then went in depth into Daniel and Matthew 24, which are very important to understanding Revelation since much of the imagery and how it is used in Daniel is used in Revelation and the events in Matthew 24 lead right up to the end.

We have gone chapter by chapter through Revelation looking at what it actually says instead of taking a time line and forcing the passages to fit our assumptions. To be honest I changed some of my views a little about the exact order and layout of everything going on.

Well, today we covered what I'm hoping will be the next to the last class on the book. I feel like I've been doing more teaching that discussing these past few months. It really isn't what I started out planning. I ask questions but apparently the ideas are just beyond their grasp before I explain them so I get very little discussion until after my teaching and then it ends up being more my answering questions. I'm looking forward to moving on to something that will generate more discussion with my group offering their own ideas rather than accepting everything I say. I teach enough, I'm ready to push them past my teaching and into interacting with the subjects.

Hopefully next time we go over the subject some of them will be more willing to debate. Of course it isn't likely to happen next week, but then we get to move on.


Jillaroo said...

Yeah, I can't think of anything better to say!
I like your blog - came over from SCL. You've got some great stuff to say.
I loved your dressing like a metro youth pastor series!
Well, keep up the good work! :)

Nick the Geek said...


Thanks for the comment and encouragement. Are you from Australia or is the "aroo" just for fun?

Kendra Golden said...

I'm leading a group of friends in a "Daniel Fast" for the new year. I only learned about that a few months ago, but evidently lots of churches do it.

Anyway, they asked me to lead them in a study of the book of Daniel. I tried to warn them about its very high freakiness quotient, but we are plunging through anyway. I've been really glad because God has given me fresh insights that apply to what's going on in my life.

I'd love to see your take on Daniel on your charts. I lived through so much eschatology in my upbringing that I'm sick of it and won't usually get into it with people. I wrote about it to gear my friends up for the "acid trip half" of Daniel.

geek said...

I like your blog - came over from SCL.

Jillaroo said...

Yeah, I'm an Aussie... A jillaroo is basically the Aussie word for a cowgirl! I ride horses, so it works for me! =)

(My name's really Jordan. Shh...)

Nick the Geek said...

Like I said on your blog thought I might know you but I don't. Kinda cool that you live so close to where I graduated HS though. Just on the other side of the City. I'll see about either putting some of my notes and files on this blog or create another blog with all my work. I didn't go to anything outside the Bible for this study and as a result it really made me think about what was going on differently.

Seems we are of a kindred spirit. I was looking at some of your blog and will be reading more since it is right up my ally. Thanks for dropping by.

I'm gonna start calling one of the girls in youth "jillaroo." She is obsessed with horses.

J... said...

And a jackaroo is cowboy! =)

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