Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So I was browsing for some old HS friend a bit ago and it occurred to me that I am very much a product of my environment. Specifically I love Oklahoma football. I can't help it I just do and it is nice that they have been doing so awesome since Stoops took over.

What does that have to do with environment and my High School you ask? Well as I was browsing I noticed that the pictures of everyone seemed to include some kind of OU something or other. I am become one of the horde. I don't know if I'm totally comfortable with that, but the other option is to reject OU just because other people like them. Once again I don't think I'm comfortable with that.

I guess what it boils down to is that I move forward with what I like regardless of if everyone is doing it. I don't have to be different. Quite frankly people that try so hard to be unique end up being just like everyone else.

I don't know who really sets the trends, but I know that Indy is hot right now, and I also know that the Indy crowd is kind of ticked that it is mainstream because they moved to Indy when their last hip whatever went mainstream. That is who they think they are. The problem is that they really are just like everyone else around them. They might stick out in a group that is different but the place they feel most comfortable is going to be around people just like them.

that said I know that if I'm in a group of people exactly like me I'm not sure I'd be totally comfortable. I love who I am. I love that I can talk geek and jock and all the other stuff in between. It makes me feel comfortable around everyone, but if I was around a group exactly like me ... well I think the conversations would range in too many topics and we'd all be trying to focus on everything at once and reach critical mass and that would be total detestation for whatever city we happened to be in like when Peter lost control of his powers and nearly nuked NYC.

I love who I am but for the sake of the world people like me should just stay away.

PS. I did not write about football yesterday because my computer at home is not feeling too well. So today I am covering my monthly topic and revisiting Young Adults which didn't happen last night because of the weather.


bman said...

Favorite quote from your post:
" detestation for whatever city we happened to be in..."

Ha! I don't think that's what you meant, but it's hilarious anyway! I'm with you. For a long time, during school (specifically middle school, so good luck!) I remember trying to hang out with the "cool" kids and stuff. Just like in the movies. However, do to my quick wit, I was able to make a few fans of my humor, but nothing really stuck. So, I went back to my other friends. The geeks and nerds and dorks.
But, I'm still a random person, so, I'm with you. I like being who I am, and don't want to hang out with people exactly like me. It would, in fact, cause "total detestation for whatever city we happened to be in."

Nick the Geek said...


That is approaching one of my favorite typos. It probably reflects better what critical mass would cause than what I intended. That will teach me to try and post a blog from my office computer when my home PC is sick.

Ryan B said...

Good post. I don't think I like hanging out with people exactly like me. I'm kind of competitive so things could get pretty crazy in that situation. I much rather like to hang out with people that have similar long term goals as me but are talented in different ways. I hang out with a lot of people who share similar interests, but not the same skill sets.

In a couple of years, a group of us are planning to build a church. Every one of us is different and brings something new to the table. We have people who are "geeks" or "techies" that think in completely different ways from the "preachers" or the people focused on youth ministry. It's neat to see that people who have nothing in common (some are jocks, some are nerds, some are free spirits, etc.) can come together as one for one idea for God.

Ryan B said...

Oh. And I'm rootin for Boomer Sooner

Nick the Geek said...


You think you're competitive. I invented the term. Before me people just tried to do better than everyone else. They didn't have a word for it.

Oh sorry I'm just being competitive. Lets put aside the question of who is better at being competitive and just agree that OU is going to have a good ol' time down in Florida.

bman said...

I feel some awkward obligation to mention that I'm in Florida... but I don't really care about football or competition (unless it's Halo 3, that game gets me going!)

Nick the Geek said...


You have found my weakness. I suck so bad at Halo. Admittedly it is probably because I have about 2 hours total play experience with the entire series. Now Golden Eye on the N64. I would rock you so hard you'd think there were two of me.

bman said...

Goldeneye was the best game ever! Now, there's really no way to challenge you to that without being in the same room, on the same tv, within 5 ft of each other... so, I guess we'll never get to check that one out!
I liked Perfect Dark too! Proximity grenades away, to cause "total detestation!"

Nick the Geek said...

Perfect dark was nice. Not quite as good as Golden Eye in my opinion. It did have one major advantage, when I couldn't get friends together I could still play the multiplayer using bots. They were stupid but I got to play the maps more which is always good.

heartafire said...

So sorry about your team last night ---
I have to admit, as a Bama gal I was rooting for Florida. In my special form of football math, Florida beating the Sooners means that we also might have beaten you, giving us one more win on the season. (because if your team had prevailed last night, that means we would have also lost to you.) My husband tells me it doesn't work that way, but it makes me happier to think it.

As far as the decal/T-shirt thing for a winning team, I was just as happy to have my big giant UofA seal on my minivan during the Shula years as I was during the height of our season this year. (But I'm sure my smugness is sin, basically, you can't win.) I like how you write about that tension of trendy-v-rugged individualist. Both are equally self-focused, and thus, wrong. But at least you struggle with it!

Nick the Geek said...


Thanks for the sympathy. I'm in a bit of mourning right now. It is less than in previous years because I've begun to realize that there is a certain maturity missing from the team so they can't seem to close to deal in post season.

You are right that OU's loss isn't the same as Bama's win. I will say that I do enjoy the Tide since my fam is from their territory. One of the best games I have seen was a few years ago when OU played them in a two game series while Bama was on suspension. It was a home game for OU and Bama really pulled out all the stops. Ou still won but it was awesome. It is rare indeed for a team to open with an onside kick and recover it. They pulled every trick in the book and really gave OU a run for their money. If I was a coach that is how we would play every game.

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