Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm going to be out of town this weekend if all goes well. I writing Saturday and Monday's posts right now and scheduling them to post on time. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get online to respond to comments much if at all. I did get my laptop back this week, so praise God, but I'll be in the hill country of Georgia/Alabama and hot spots aren't super common out where I'll be. In fact where we are staying doesn't even get cell service unless you walk to the end of the property and get a lucky bar.

Please pray for my mother since we are going for a remembrance for her mom. Also pray for us for a safe trip. My youngest daughter woke-up this morning with very short shallow breathing and crying that "it hurts" so she is at the ER right now so pray for her. Depending on what happens that might really mess with our plans this weekend.

Just to keep you updated on my daughter. We got back from the ER with her a little bit ago. They said the x-rays looked good and she doesn't have pneumonia. She does have an ear infection and bronchiolitis. They gave her more breathing treatments and a steroid shot and that got her breathing into some semblance of normal. Now she is on steroids, antibiotics, and breathing treatments. The Dr. said we can travel so we are still planning on leaving tomorrow.