Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well, I don't know for sure that it is dead. It will take 3 weeks for service to make that call. Personally I think they should have just junked it and given me a new one. For the cost of the parts I know it needs I could buy a computer and I wouldn't have to wait 3 weeks plus make an extra trip to Best Buy.

Normally I wouldn't mind making the extra trip to Best Buy. I am a geek and they have named their service support Geek Squad. They even had this card there at the Geek Squad desk that said something about having the support of 11,000 geeks. It seemed funny until I found out I had to wait 3 weeks for them to either fix my laptop or junk it. Very frustrating.

Oh and why don't I want to make the extra trip? Well, Best Buy is about 50 miles away now. This means I drove 100 miles round trip today to return without my laptop. They couldn't let me just say the laptop needed to be sent into service I had to bring it to them for them to make that decision. The second I explain the problem in the store the girl started getting it ready to ship out and told me it would take 3 weeks turn around. Now I have to drive back in 3 weeks to either get my laptop or get a replacement. Honestly I'm hoping for a replacement. It has been just over a year but a replacement will have more everything by far right now. I looked at what they had and trust me the replacement is what I really want. A replacement would be worth the 200 miles of driving and possibly even the 3 week wait, but just barely.

This also meens my software I post to my blog with is unavailable so I'm using the built in interface and a very old flickering monitor so please excuse the typos.


bman said...

That's the problem with laptops. There's not really anything you can do about it unless you know something about soddering and warranty fraud...

Bummer about the software too. Hopefully you kept the installation software! Good luck!

If it makes you feel any better, I'm using the Blogger interface. It's not too bad, except when I upload my comic strip to The Underfold, it uploads them backwards from the way I input them into the photo upload thing. So, I have to input them starting from the last one to the beginning. Weird, eh?

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Nick the Geek said...

Yup, I have all my software. I'm not looking forward to reinstalling everything. Hopefully it won't have to be done even though I'd rather have the new laptop. Lots of my friends start dealing with common computer problems by formatting and doing a fresh install. I consider this a last resort of the order that the process of reinstalling and getting my settings just right must be easier than dealing with the problem on a daily basis.

The upside is that I have learned lots of tricks to resolve the problems without having to resort to a format and fresh install.

As far as blog inputs go blogger has a pretty good setup. I really prefer mine since I have several formatting options, spell check, and grammar check. Sure I miss some stuff but I catch a lot more than I do otherwise.

All though the latest version of firefox does have a built in spell check so now that I have it installed on my old desktop things are going a bit better.

bman said...

You know Blogger has a spell checker right?

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Just a little pinch.

Nick the Geek said...

Spell check only catches words that are spelled incorrectly. Plus it doesn't do it on the fly. I like seeing the word get a little red line as soon as I misspell it.

bman said...

Congratulations! Even with your computer broken, you got to post on SCL! That's awesome!

And, not to mention, I only noticed one wrong word, so good work! You without your grammar check and all! Ha! I think I might have failed miserably in that situation!

Good work!

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Nick the Geek said...


Thanks. Of course I had typed that in Word a couple of weeks ago and submitted it to Jon before my computer went south.

Max02 said...

Wow, sucks that you have to drive that far to get to a Best Buy.

I helped my mom buy a laptop before Christmas. It was a Dell. We got it with the Optimization that the Geek Squad offers and everything. But, when we started up at home, it blue screened over and over. I took it back, they "fixed" it, and, two weeks later, it did it again. My wife and I just took it back and had it replaced. They optimized it again, cause we already paid for it and all. My wife thinks that's what the problem was to begin with. Hopefully now though. I hate standing in lines...

I like best buy. I like walking around and looking at all the stuff I'm never going to actually buy but would love to if I had the chance.

I have Firefox. I love it how the letters go all red like in a Word document.

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