Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am wrapping up a discussion on the end with my Young Adults but I am just starting a two part series on the end with my Youth. Many of my Youth have confided in me that they are disturbed about current events and claims that the world will end in 2012 based on the Mayan calendar among other things.

Tonight I went over Matthew 24 because I believe what Jesus said abut the end is much more important that pretty much any other passage. If you haven't looked into it the passage basically says that things will be bad but those things aren't really the end. When the Gospel is spread through the world though, then the end will come.

I also quoted Jesus where he says no man will know the day or hour and talked about various past claims regarding the end of the world. It makes me feel better to know that the past claims to the end of the world have been bust, based entirely on the fact that those events are in the past of course.

Anyways, the Youth are continuing to grow, but with quite a few more girls coming than guys. Maybe I'm just that good looking ... or not, but somehow I got to find a way to get more guys because, well, girls are weird. Not that guys aren't but guys are the kind of weird I can relate to.

I figure I need to plan some more things that guys will enjoy, like Paintball. I know some girls are into that stuff but only a small number compared to the guys so I'm hoping that will draw them in. If you've got some ideas on how to get mroe guys into the Youth group please let me know.


Ben said...

Hey man I'm right there with you. I have a really small youth group and most of them are girls, so I'll steal any ideas you get on how to get more guys. BTW I found you blog through SCL, I really like your blog.

Ryan B said...

First of all, quick story. My friend goes to Azusa Pacific University and his roommate is really into aliens and believing the world is going to end in 2012. He has a bunch of books on it. So my friend made and had on a tin foil hat and was pretending to read one of the alien world ending books when his roommate came in. His roommate was not happy. I thought it was hilarious.

Anyways, I just graduated high school so I'm out of my youth group but I have a couple ideas. We did go on a couple paintball retreats like you mentioned. Broom hockey is also an option. We had a good amount of events called "Fifth Quarter."

After high school sporting events (football games, basketball, wrestling), the youth group would host a fifth quarter. It was like 5 dollars to get in and 5 dollars to enter a tournament. There was a poker tournament and a madden tournament (They did mix it up occasionally with I think ping pong). There were prizes and food and music and just comfy chairs to chill and sit in. Fifth Quarters were always pretty successful.

Guys pretty much just like competition. If you hold a dodgeball tournament or 3 on 3 basketball or touch football or homerun derby guys usually get into it. You pull the girls in because the guys are there and you toss in the fact that the team with the best outfit wins a prize. Girls love dressing up so that always gets them.

If you have a bowling alley nearby you can go glow bowling. Or go to a water park (always a big hit).

I've got a lot of other ideas and experiences with youth groups. I spent a heck of a lot of time in the church office and talking to everybody on staff. Our high school group had well over 200 students and our jr. high group had over 300. If you ever want my opinion or an idea feel free to hit me up.

Nick the Geek said...

Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully we can learn together how to do what god has called us to the best that we can.

@Ryan B,
I would have done something similar or worse to my roommate if he were half off his rocker like that.

Those are some great ideas and line up with some of the things I am trying. Unfortunately quite a few of the guys aren't really into competitive things so it is hard to get a good group together. That is where working with other groups in the area really works out. When you are in a group with 300 students and roughly half are guy and anywhere from 50-75% are more or less competitive then you get really good activities with quite a few people having a fun time.

None of the Youth Groups within 50 miles are that size but several of our groups can get together and have a great time. Hopefully that will help draw more Young Men into all of our groups. Having lots of girls should help attract guys by themselves but so far not so much.

Ryan B said...

I suppose I would probably have to know more about your group to give adequate suggestions. That is a bit weird that with so many girls the guys aren't flocking in. But that is a problem throughout all churches so it is understandable.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band are always popular with everybody. :)

spicks&specks said...

We have the opposite problem at our youth group! The guy to girl ratio is about 6:1!
It's really late now, so I have to go - but I might come by again if I think of any suggestions...
God bless!

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