Thursday, April 30, 2009

The formula for explosive drama is increasing the number of teens while decreasing the overall space. Each week we seem to have a couple of new kids. This is great but that leads to a bit of drama. Of course that isn't all that bad in itself but tonight it was rainy so everyone got packed inside instead of spreading out. This led to explosive drama. You could chart that into a ramp curve where the more teens and smaller the space results in exponential increase in tension. Yeah lots of fun.

Tonight someone got smacked and did it pretty big. This was followed by some serious shouting down which I waited out. They eventually worked things out without me telling them to calm down and all that. I like to let them work it out if possible so I'm glad they were able to talk things through eventually. Holy freak though it was tense for a while and several more wildfires broke out in the interim. I am very grateful for one of my new leaders that was able to help and that tax season is over which means one of my other leaders is back.

I'm beyond exhausted and honestly feel like quitting and rejoicing all at the same time right now. That may not be unique to ministry but it is a first for me. I've been horribly frustrated at times and wanted to quit other jobs but never felt the job redeemed itself in the exact same thing that drove me so crazy.


bman said...

Your mathematical formula seems very correct. It's good that everything worked out, and it's cool that you're gaining new kids each week, so I can see the dilemma.

Like you said in your other post: "Don't pray for something if you don't want it to happen immediately."

Helen said...

Sounds intense. I am sorry it's been difficult.

Nick the Geek said...

bman you are correct and these are the ones I was praying for. I learned that praying for teens who need Christ is the exact same as praying for patience in the original greek. Not really but it seems like it.

I think it's wrong to say difficult. I'm really loving the kids. The adults on the other hand. I'd rather them come out and slap each other then the crap they are doing. I'm about ready to tell them off along the lines of Jesus talking to the pharisees or get a good whip and run them out.

jasonS said...

That's one reason why I think being a youth pastor is so difficult. Sounds like you're built for it though which is awesome.

Nick the Geek said...

Yep there are a lot of big drawbacks for any ministry. That is why we are told not to seek to be leaders because we need God to survive it.

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