Thursday, April 16, 2009

OK, so I have a post planned for tomorrow and I don't want to change it because it is intentionally to coincide with my guest post over at SCL. Be sure to catch it. I have a lot to update though so I figured I'd throw this out there.

Once again get ready for some randomness.

First, thank you, or whatever the opposite of thank you is, to Candy for letting me know there is a low carb Monster. This is probably bad for me to know because avoiding the carbs is one of the big reasons I have not consumed any energy drinks until tonight. I had my first and I really liked it. I got it because I was feeling really tired and I had something to do, which is going to be discussed in a minute, but then I made dinner and ate and got a big energy boost, which often happens to me because I get really tired in the afternoon then I'm up and running in the evening/night. This is great for working with Youth. Anyways I decided to give the Monster a try and I liked it. I will try to not drink them all the time because I want to continue to have energy without them, but whatever.

Second, (look at that I'm totally going with the numbered list how focused is that?) I primed the t-shirt cannon and set things up in the sanctuary. I'm really getting excited about Sunday. This will be the best anything goes service ever. MY wife is being too quiet and not telling me not to do things. That worries me. I'm not sure if she has stopped caring or if I'm not pushing hard enough. Oh well, I have a t-shirt cannon and that is awesome.

Third, I got to attend a round table discussion on teen drinking tonight. The discussion was good but I met with 3 teens that were pretty cool who I am texting with now. Apparently my normal near crazy combined with Monster made me highly impressive because I am "super crazy but in a very cool way." One of my ideas was "vigilante interventions." It involved beanbag rounds which are non lethal but will leave a very painful reminder for some time.

Fourth, there is no fourth because the Monster is wearing off. I don't think it made me that much more hyper, since I was hyper to start with, but it does seem to have a draining effect when it wears off. This is why I don't do caffeine.


Brian C. Russell said...

Just heard on the radio today that apparently, energy drinks only make your BRAIN have more energy, not your body. Weird.

jasonS said...

I've only had one energy drink in my life- when I was recording my 1st CD. It was 1 AM and not going great. I had an AMP and chocolate donuts and I was good to go for another 3 hours... Good times!

Nick the Geek said...

I can see how that works, except that most energy drinks have a ton of sugar so would provide a body energy boost followed by a massive crash. Vicious cycle.

I wonder if I would feel more energized if I wasn't already up when I drank it, but often when I'm pushing through the middle of the night like that I have plenty of energy, it is the next morning I'm gonna need it.

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