Thursday, April 16, 2009

OK, so I got to test my t-shirt cannon and it works frigintastic. I've only tested it to 40PSI but at that pressure it fired about 40' high and a hundred feet or so distant. I fired it at that pressure in the church and hit the lighting about 20 high at full speed. At 20 PSI I can hit the back rows from the front of the church about 100' but at a much lower arc. I need to get some new video because the video I took of the testing today didn't turn out much useful.

That as me in a better mood, but the weather is kind of depressing. We did have numbers back up a bit, but not quite to where we had been running last month, but equal to or better than February. There are some new people and so there are some people missing that I really wish were there, plus some that I don't expect to see back, but they might surprise me, who knows.

Of course not all is super awesome happy time. I have to say be careful what you pray for. I have been praying for students that need Jesus. Let me tell you this is apparently the same as praying for patience. Good but very dangerous. There are a few that are really pushing me and tonight I was at the edge of kicking a couple out … only I was talking about how Jesus spent all his time with people that need him and not the religious, self-righteous leaders that wanted him. I was talking about the Prodigal Son and about the wrong and right way to act so kicking them out would have been very hypocritical and I'm hoping that the way I did deal with them was a great illustration to the students.

Who knows how that went but despite me being at the edge of my wits one girl did respond to the salvation side of the message and that is super fan-frigintastic.

I also had another opportunity to walk the talk. One of the students I've mentioned before as being bi was there tonight. She comes pretty regular and brought a couple friends last week. Anyways, they were there waiting on a ride when the younger brother of one of her friends was running around calling her "lesbo" and "lezzie." I sat the kid down and explained that was very ugly and is not acceptable. I asked him not to treat her that way and told him he wouldn't do it around me. The rest of the time he behaved. She knows I know her "orientation." I haven't talked with her specifically about it but have commented on my views of GBLT so she knows where I stand as well. If you don't know I feel very strongly that sin is sin but that people are also people. Christians like to pick favorite sins and judge people on those things. We miss out on the sins that Jesus judged people on that revolve around how we treat other people because we are so hung up on the "bad" sins. I try hard to avoid "hating the sin but loving the sinner" and instead try to just love people. I hope this young lady got it when I put that into practice tonight. All people have worth and none should be treated like that.

Finally I want to give a great big shout out to one of my new Youth workers. He is really starting to fit in and is intuitively building relationships with several of the guys. I'm really excited to have him on board and wish I had about 5 more just like him. My prayers are for God to keep sending people that need Jesus, that He keeps opening doors for me to get into community programs and places, and for more workers for the Harvest. God has been answering these requests and I ask others to please pray this for me and for your Youth.

Leave some love k?


jasperseng said...

what is the t shirt canon ?
is it some thing like a gun ?

wow... i think u should not have this kind of thinking la... dont kick people out... instead always be there for them... i dont know what is the problem... but i believe that a church is a place where people come to find God when they cant find Him in themselves...

about be careful what u pray for...
indeed that is real... i pray to God once... i said" God, If Job can make it thru all the test, i can too" from that moment my life is like a climbing mountains... up and down up and down... until now.
tomorrow, friday. i will be going to clinic to check up. I am suspecting Colon Ulcer or Gall bladder stone.

on ya... You can come to my another blog if you want...

katdish said...

Good for you, Nick! I find it more difficult to love the sinner who chooses to use cruel words than those who are struggling with "bad" sins.

Nick the Geek said...


My main frustration is the two guys were causing all kinds of distractions and being loud and disrespectful while I was speaking, which makes it hard for others to hear what God is saying much less themselves. I will continue to pray for them though that God would work on their hearts because that is the real issue.

wow, yeah never pray to be faithful like Job. I won't even consider that I have that kind of faith. I'll be praying for you.

Thanks, that is my biggest problem too, and I think Jesus showed us that is how we should feel. The only times he shouted people down was because they were self-righteous (only not) judgmental jerks.

Nick the Geek said...

The t-shirt cannon is an air pressure powered tube that launches t-shirts up into a crowd.

Brian C. Russell said...

a) Be careful with that t-shirt cannon. Remember what happened to Ned's wife Maude...

b) That was a great lesson to start off my day. Thank you for being willing to learn new things and share them with everyone.

Nick the Geek said...

Brian (aka b-man),
a) What, I would never shoot it into the bleachers at full strength towards the back row to try and reenact Ned's great tragedy. Well, unless it sounded funny at the time.


Beth said...

You make me really miss working with youth.

That's awesome that students who need Jesus are coming to your church and that you are a living example to them of what being a Christian is like.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

How I wish my kids could have experienced a youth pastor such as you. We didn't have such a thing in our tiny church, and I see so many missed opportunities. Yeah, I'm the one who missed them. Motherhood so interferes with motherhood sometimes. Ugh.

Nick the Geek said...

Beth and Candy,

Have I mentioned that I'm having trouble getting through doors? yeah they don't make them big enough for my head.

Seriously, Thanks for your kindness.

I was in a much smaller church when I was in Youth so I guess I missed a lot of things, but we aren't in a huge church by any stretch of the imagination. I have a philosophy though. If we have it we use it and if we need it but can't afford it we probably have what we need to make do. We have so much junk around here from the past years that is just collecting dust. I'm going through and pulling it out for use.

I think most small churches can have frigintstic things for their size and have the family kind of atmosphere so long as everyone jumps in. A place like that is better than a big church if you ask me.

Marni said...

We have a young lady in our youth group who used to be a dealer. The only one who knows that is my daughter (they have a mutual friend my daughter had to cut ties with because the friend started doing drugs...and this new young lady was her dealer).

The new girl is clearly trying to turn her life around, but when she walked into the youth room and saw my daughter, she turned pale and looked like she was about to leave. My daughter went right over to her and said "Hey! I'm so glad you're here. C'mon, I'll introduce you around". The girl still looked really upset so my daughter quietly said "Whatever you struggled with, or still struggle with now, that's between you and God. I'm not going to say anything to anyone, you have my word."

I was just so proud that God worked through her to show what grace can be all about.

Can't wait to see the prototype video!!!

Nick the Geek said...


That is frigintastic. You should be a very proud mom to have a girl like that. A lot of teen girls are nothing like that. One of the issues I'm dealing with right now is some catiness that is about to explode.

jasperseng said...

wow.. that is cool... heard of a t shirt canon... hmm what about...

oh... do what you can with them... i sure God will show you a way to deal with them.

Haha... I did prayed for it... and i will endure...

Helen said...

Nick, you go ahead and pray for those who need Jesus to come to your Youth Group. I will pray that you have the strength to handle them all and not get burned out.
God bless you.
(and if you need a rosary, send me your address via email. I would be honored to send you one.)

Nick the Geek said...


Thanks, I am trusting God to help me with the ones He sends.


Thanks also. I need prayer but please don't pray for my patience even though I need more of it. Such a dangerous prayer.

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