Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ok, so it seems more than a couple of people want to know how Sunday went and to see video of the t-shirt cannon. I need to get some better action shots, but I will put the video I have now up for everyone to see. I'm actually waiting for all my vids to upload so I will write this with one video missing.

Sunday was, "anything goes" Sunday, AKA "Youth Sunday." I showed some great videos, threw some candy, had a surprise b-day party for twin girls that turned 18 that day and, of course, shot off my t-shirt cannon.

People were warned and it seemed that half the church was absent. You will notice a lot of empty seats in the videos. That really frustrates me, but whatever, the people who came enjoyed it and I think God had a good word for them in the morning and evening service. I'll be uploading both sermons on my Sermon Blast blog later today or tomorrow. I'm really impressed with the evening sermon that was delivered by one of my students, a 14 year old girl. Pretty powerful.

In the morning, on top of showing the walking on goldfish and arrest videos, we played a trivia game "Battle of the Generations." I'll post a video of that and details later since it is still uploading.

Then I shot the t-shirt cannon off and preach the sermon which will be posted. During thins I drank a can of Lo-Carb Monster instead of water. I don't think it had much effect but some others do. Personally I think they perceived a change that wasn't there. When the sermon gets uploaded you can judge for yourself.

It was a very long day. We went out with some Youth for lunch then decided on the last minute surprise b-day party and went shopping. We got back in time to setup a few other things and get things rolling for church. Lots of fun there.

In the evening service I showed some other videos including "punched before eating." Then we had some people come up and play the improv game "living mannequins." which is a ton of fun and fun to watch. Enjoy.

After that I got the t-shirt cannon out and shot it a couple more times. Now you can see it in action.

The first shot was great. It went all the way to the sound booth where one of the guys who wanted it was able to easily catch it. The second shot didn't go the distance. I showed the reloading because it is funny to see the ram rod being used to load just like a real cannon. The evening shots were both perfect. You can't see in the video but the first one went up and the t-shirt opened just perfectly and fell right on top of the girl I sent back there to catch. Could have asked for a better shot.

Then one of the girls that went for the 2nd PM shirt came up to preach and I closed it down and we had a surprise party for the twin teen girls that turned 18 that day. If you look in the 2nd two cannon shots you will see a flashing light down on the right towards the front. That is a flashing tiara that we bought for the girls to wear during service.

There were a few other random things we did but overall I think I played it safe enough. You can see plenty of white hair in the video and some of them get more than a little uptight about things like that, but you can tell from the sound that most people really enjoyed it.

So, what do you think?


bman said...

Awesome. You're the man.

Your church also seems very cool to let you play games and shoot t-shirt cannons.

Well played, sir. Well played.

Helen said...

I am still concerned about whether you have all of your fingers. Please ask your wife or children to count them for you, and get back to me.

Steve said...

I'll have to watch the vids when I get home to my high-speed.

We're only given the PM service for the Youth service, and ours was pretty straight-laced.

I showed the "Wild Mike" clip from Barnyard and referenced Crowder, Redman, "When We All Get to Heaven," rockin the heezy fo sheezy, and quoted Ric Flair during my altar call:

"Wooooo! Walk that aisle!"

I also stripped out of my suit (well at least the top part of it) to reveal a Lecrae (rebel) T-shirt, and leashed 2 4- and 5-year-olds. I also got one of my kid's stick-in-the-mud dad to dance like David danced.

Other than that, it was a regular old service. No wonder they only let me have 1 night a year.

jasperseng said...

wow... that is a cool canon...

Nick the Geek said...

well you're the bman. Yeah I had to go there. At least I didn't go for the "That's what she said joke." My Pastor is pretty cool but I didn't tell him exactly what was going on there ... Most of them were pretty chill with it though so I doubt there will be much fall out.

My daughter counted them for me. She says there are 10 and I think that is accurate since she is acing numbers right now. My Son also came up with 10, but my youngest daughter got distracted around 3 so I'm not sure, but then again she is 3 so there may be a margin of error to account for. When I get the better action shots I'll take some pics of my hands to go with it.

I'm very glad that I have high speed in the office and at home. It would take forever to upload the vids if I didn't.

Sounds like you had a pretty good time. I'll upload the sermon today. I wore blue jeans, chucks, and a black converse tee. I put my suit jacket on for the AM crowd but it was just too warm so it came off. I was going to change between services but I didn't even make it close to home.

BTW I get once a month for Youth Sunday night and that is pretty awesome. Because of the national denominational day the pastor gave me both services though.


katdish said...

I think I'm glad you use your gifts for good and not evil (mostly).

Nick the Geek said...

Yes, good ... um not evil at all.

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