Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Sunday we played a game "Battle of the Generations" where Youth and Adults answer trivia about the opposing generation. Basically I put images on the screen and asked who or what is being displayed.

In this the Youth go first and must answer the name of the band shown. Of course the band is "The Who" and I got a bit of fun in with that. Ultimately the students pulled ahead 1-0.

I tossed the adults a nice easy one right over the plate and the Jonas Brothers are correctly identified. Score 1-1

The youth come back by quickly naming Ron Howard pulling ahead 2-1

The adults incorrectly call out Miley Cyrus and the Youth go for the steal with the correct name "Ashley Tisdale" pushing even further ahead 3-1.

Off the steal the Youth pick up another quick point by recognizing Bob's Big boy and soar to 4-1.

The adults make up some ground when the mother of two teen monster drinkers recognizes the monster symbol, possibly with some help from the announcer who is drinking Lo-Carb monster. 4-2.

The Youth fumble the Bogart image even with some great impersonations to jog their memory and the adults steal for a 4-3 going into the last slide.

Unfortunately the adults can't pull off the tie incorrectly calling the Nintendo DS a Gameboy. Sorry adults the Youth win and to rub in in your face the youngest yells out that it is a DS for the steal and two point victory 5-3.

Better luck next time adults.

On another note, I have the two sermons up from Sunday so go check them out. Especially the PM sermon by one of my Youth.

Read about it and hear them at Youth Sunday Preachifying.

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Helen said...

Nick, that looks like it would be a great game for a family party!
We normally don't do party games in my family. We tried one on family trivia at my cousin's house a few months ago, with intergenerational teams.
We've also done intergenerational teams of scattergory.
I like yours better. I think the youngsters in my family would, too.
Let's see....
Family karokee
Quizmas Carol quizes
Battle of the Generations

Yep. Nice start to planning family Christmas Ornament Exchange Party. Thanks.
Now, how can I ensure I remember this in eight months?

Nick the Geek said...

Thanks, I'm going with tattoo it on your forehead backwards so you see in the the mirror every day.

jasonS said...

That does look fun- may need to try that one out sometime soon.

Nick the Geek said...


It really is a lot of fun. If you want the ppt I can send it to you.

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