Friday, April 3, 2009

My daughter has learned something new. We bought her a Baby Alive and she has to go a week without any demerits in school and clean her room everyday to earn the baby. Quite frankly I think the baby is a lot creepy, like Chucky. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

All my daughter has been talking about for the last week is this baby doll. She got a demerit on Wednesday (the only one this week) and pitched a huge fit that really surprised her teacher. We were going to let her have it if she didn't get any more demerits (what can I say, I'm an old softy) and cleaned her room. Today she hasn't cleaned her room. I told her that she had to clean and I wasn't giving her any more reminders. If she didn't clean she wouldn't get her baby. Later she was playing instead of cleaning so I told her she wouldn't be getting her baby. Well she somehow come up with the phrase, "Daddy broke my heart."

Yep, I broke my 5 year old's heart. I am resolved to stand by what I said but it sure breaks my heart. Sometimes parenting is super awesome and other times it is super suck. Right now it sucks.


Candace Jean July 16 said...

First off, those girls are gorgeous. They will be breaking hearts themselves real soon.

What her wise 5 year old mind did by saying you broke her heart is her (obviously successful) way of getting Daddy to renege on the deal. In moms-who-have-been-there speak, it means "simple disappointment." She'll be a better woman for it. This is my biggest regret - not letting them be disappointed more often and learning to cope.

But you're right. It sucks. And that doll is really creepy. What do you feed it and what does it poop?

Nick the Geek said...


I should point out that the girls in the video aren't mine though they do look quite a bit like mine. I think the doll comes with some kind of baby food you mix with water and that is pumped from one end to the other via and not altered in any way.

I say I think because I did not give in to the broken heart. I wanted to but I have built an immunity to crying girls over the years much like Wesley and Iocain powder. Does make me quite weak still but I did stand by what I said because that is what a good daddy does.

Helen said...

Good for you, Nick.

Ryan B said...

First of all, I can't believe I watched that whole video. That was utterly disgusting. Who would come up with a toy like that? Why does your daughter want it? That thing freaks me out. What happened to the days of tamagotchis and nano pets that only had digital poop. That stuff was gross. And why was the whole family so excited to see that stuff leak out of the doll? I need a nap after watching that.

katdish said...

Um...What Ryan said.

Seriously, isn't that the Bride of Chuckie? That's just freaky - and not in a good way. AND it poops? No thank you.

Hang tough. Maybe instead of "clean your room", you could break it down a little:
1) put your clothes in the hamper
2) put your dolls back in the toybox
3) put the books back on the bookshelf

Maybe help her make a checklist of things to do that she can refer to (either words or pictures) so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

I works for me (most of the time).

Nick the Geek said...


First, yes it is creepy beyond all reason. I wasn't consulted prior to purchase. Well, my wife says I was but I don't remember so she did it when I was otherwise engaged, which is good way to get something she thinks I'll shoot down. Somehow I get in trouble.

Second, I included the second after the first, you just have this hanging first. Weird.

Might try that. When you say "works for me" are you refering to helping your child stay focused and on track or do you mean it helps you personally. I can see a nice chart with you picture at the top and pictures of the laundry monster, the toilet, and all the other chores and then a picture of the computer. You have to put the computer on the chart so it feels like you are accomplishing something when you are online. You might even want to put it on the list multiple times.

Marni said...

Oh...that had to hurt. But way to stick to your guns. If you back down now, it'll just get harder to stick to them later.

I have a smart, but scatter-brained little girl. "Clean your room" doesn't resonate with her because that sounds like a humongous task, but "pick your shoes up, then straighten up your bed, put the Polly Pockets up and put your glass in the kitchen sink" always works.

If it's any consolation, youngest daughter got really upset at dad not too long ago. She has a cute pink sign on her door that says "I found my prince...his name is daddy" on her door. She took that down and marked out "daddy" to make her displeasure quite known.

Nick the Geek said...


Trust me when I say having a 5 year old girl sitting on your lap crying about how you broke her heart is among the worst experiences of my life. It is worse because she is daddy's girl and has been since she was an infant.

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