Friday, May 1, 2009

The past couple times I talked about my kids it was my oldest daughter. The thing about being oldest is you get to do most things first and so it's easy to overlook when the others do things. My oldest son does get the advantage of being the first to do some boy things, like standing up to pee. OK that's not entirely true. When my daughter was potty training she walked in and saw how daddy did it then tried with her potty. Fortunately I saw and got her seated before she figured out how to straddle the little potty. He was definitely the first to pee in the woods though, and off the deck. Lots of boy first involve peeing in and on things. Its a kind of rite of passage.

Anyways, I wanted to share a story that had nothing to do with peeing. I picked my boy up the other day and learned something really important. He is already a player. There were like 6 girls left in his class and they all ran up to hug him and tell him bye. I'm not ashamed to admit I was almost proud enough to cry. Well, ok I was proud and thought some one much girlier might have cried. I gave him a fist bump once the girls were out of sight.


Helen said...

I am sure he is quite the little heart throb.

katdish said...

Maybe I should send you some skank dolls afterall...

Billy Coffey said...

My son got his first love note the other day. Of course both he and his admirer are four and can neither read nor write, so the note said something like "aiu kjdj klfkjp."

But it was pretty cool nonetheless.

And I hear there are places in Europe where the women's bathrooms have trench-like urinals in the floors. You know, just so us guys can't one-up them anymore.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

For some odd reason, you don't seem old enough to have children, let alone old enough to pee on their own. Not sure how I got that impression.

Can he shoot a t-shirt cannon yet?

Nick the Geek said...

Yeah he is a cutie.

I'm kinda afraid what the boy would do with the skank dolls.

Billy Coffey,
Yeah I've heard of those and also places that use a hole in the floor with running water ... still not quite the same.

Yeah I get that, but honestly I could have, biologically speaking, kids in my Youth group be now. In fact my wife and I started dating nearly 14 years ago this summer so we could have had a kid together old enough to be in Youth. That is a down right scary thought though.

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