Monday, April 20, 2009

Over on Katdish's blog Hey Look a Chicken she posted about her top searches that landed people on her site. I thought I show who comes by here. I think it is worth comparing the two lists. You will notice, for example, that no one gets here by searching for Annie K.' boobs or Helen's butt crack. In fact it seems I somehow attract a much more classy group over all. Let me offer my most sincere apologies. I don't know how the search engine sends you this way but you deserve better.

i learned a lot in my marriage counseling class
my experiences about love
is ADHD genetic
truly he is risen greek letters
crazy love -francis chan
all the apples of the world
"pastor love"
what makes sacrifice so important to God?
I write my youth pastor everyday
love fades water ocean
what do you say back if someone says christos anesti
My daughter had her heart broken. What can I do
Why does the heart feel condem
t shirt canon
geek facts
fun facts for youth
My daughter's had her heart broken. What can I do
using positive reinforcement with my 5 year old
am i condemn for not loving my husband?
how to know if you are a geek youth
preparing for a good marriage
would it be weird if i asked my youth worker for help?
bible "make up for what is lacking in Christ
ticklish feet
foolish youth games


Helen said...

Obviously since I am one of your more frequent commenters, I must be included among the "more classy" group. Don't worry. I will continue to lend class and dignity here, and at HLAC.
Yes, for those of you who don't know, I am "that Helen" of the butt crack fame....

katdish said...

What DO you say back if someone says christos anesti?

Also, these blog posts have inspired me to write a Jon Acuffish post entitled:

Dear person who googled "Helen's butt crack" and got me...

I've been inspired.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Now you have me curious. I guess I'm going to have to figure out who comes by mine...but I don't know how. Logic tells me it would be "dying dog" or "pomegranates."

Steve said...

Speaking of T-shirt cannon, did I just miss the videos?

I also hope your "no holds barred" services went well yesterday.

jasonS said...

I am consistently amazed at what people search and then that leads them to me somehow. Apparently, both the Lord and google work in mysterious ways...

Nick the Geek said...

Yes you are more classy even if people are searching for your butt crack.

alethos anesti or "God bless you." Either is perfectly acceptable.

If you have a statistic counter instead of just a visit counter it will have this info available. Google analytics is a good one, I use it and I like that they are both invisible.

No you did not miss the vids. Monday was crazy busy so I didn't get a chance to do anything with what I recorded. I am uploading now but they are large files so it will take a while. I still want some better "action" shots but haven't had time to record them. If weather is good on Wednesday I plan on using it again along with some additional rounds.

The service went great. Expect a recap today instead of the normal topical post. I want video to go with it, and maybe even the sermons.

I was mostly expecting the searches that I see but every once in a while there is something I just can't explain like the person that searched for "in love with my Youth pastor" a while back. I wrote them a letter.

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