Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ok, so first off I'd like to thank the people from over at SCL for their prayers. I posted that I was talking about sex with my youth and wanted prayer.


I'm glad I asked. I post more detail on the discussion but I think it went well. I showed 3 videos, two dealing with the same study done by Tyra Banks show, and one about another study linking TV and teen pregnancy rates. I also used some text polls and my group responded. I was not very surprised about the results because they reflect much what the other polls were showing.

We had some serious technical difficulties but I had several backup plans in place and some additional help from one of my youth so everything ended up working pretty good. It seemed the enemy didn't want this to work but God was with us.

I came very close to switching to a backup topic at the last minute. We had 4 visitors, 3 of which I had never talked to before. I was barely comfortable enough with the subject for the teens I usually have, then I get other people that don't know me don't understand me. This went well also.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the responses to the text polling. These are the results from the responding group (which was a bit less than half my Youth).

Will you wait until you are married to have sex?

45% said yes

27% said no

27% said I don't know

How far is too far?

0% said 1st base

27% said 2nd base

18% said 3rd base

9% said all the way

45% said it's all good

My responders ranged from 12 to 22 and these numbers don't really surprise me. This is why we need to talk to our kids about sex and get parents to talk to them. We need to get the message across that sex is a wonderful gift from God but is best expressed in marriage because of all the crap that happens when things go bad. That is what I tried to get my kids to understand tonight and I hope some of them got it. I figure I'll do this again soon and keep up the message because the statistics I've been seeing are down right disturbing.


rustypants said...


i always had an annual 2-3 week Sex Talk at my youth group. frank talk on all aspects of sex, dynamics, mistakes, misperceptions, and extensive Q&A.

we used to switch it up every time we did it, but probably the most effective sessions i think we ever had were:

- having a panel of people come from different walks of life (teens, old folks, married, life-long celibate, single) and ask pointed questions about sex, relationships, pornography, etc. - we always open the panel up for questions and gave students notecards to ask anonymously, etc.

- last night was always segregated Q&A - guy leaders with guys, girls with girls, and everyone gets a notecard and a pen and gets to ask anything they want, no matter how outrageous. and we answer every single one of them (provided they're not asking how to pick up prostitutes, etc.) the questions and ensuing discussions were absolutely amazing. and challenging. and sometimes embarrassing. :-)

Ryan B said...

I'm glad everything went well for you. My youth group back home did similar things to what rustypants is talking about. A panel of leaders would answer questions that were put on notecards either earlier that night or the week before.

Everyone always enjoyed it. It was a good way to ask questions without feeling awkward. Always funny. Sometimes embarrassing. Good times.

Nick the Geek said...

Rustypants, and Ryan B,

Thanks for the commend and the advice. I am planning my calendar for next year and have multiple (3 possibly 4) nights setup for a discussion on sex. I figure I'll spread it out instead of doing it in a block. I also plan on having a Q&A night and might have a panel, but maybe not this coming year.

I am planning some similar discussions on drugs, smoking, alcohol, depression, cutting, and other similar topics.

Prodigal Jon said...

Nick -
Shoot me an email at when you get a chance. I want to run an idea by you

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