Wednesday, December 24, 2008

As a more humorous follow up to "Here We Go a Caroling" below I offer you this. In an attempt to spread the joy of Christmas I suggest a new holiday tradition Drive by Caroling. This tradition was started last night. It is really very simple and much more acceptable than other things teens like to do from or in vehicles. All you do is roll your windows down and scream out Christmas carols to unsuspecting people walking on the street.

I'm sure you can imagine the looks of joy on people's faces as they are accosted by the voices of teens while minding their own business trying to get some last minute shopping done on Main Street. Certainly they learned the real meaning of Christmas as a chorus of off key and overly loud pimple farmers screamed Joy to the World from a slow moving van.

I believe this is really how the very first Christmas carol went down. The teen angels got tired of waiting while the Angel Youth leader told the shepherds what was going on in Bethlehem and so they decided to pull off their own fly by caroling. This is why they suddenly appeared like that. I like to think their Angel Youth leader was cool and laughed about it the whole way back.

"Did you see the look on those shepherds faces? I hope they stop by the house for a change before going to see Jesus."

"Don't worry I heard one of the wise men has frankincense and that stuff will mask any smell."

"They won't be there for a couple of years."

"Oh well, the barn already stinks, I doubt anyone will notice."

So load up your family, or grab some kids from off the street if you don't have any, and go spread the Christmas spirit.