Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So, it is generally expected that the Youth have a New Year's Eve Party. The ultimate question is what should we do? On the one hand I'd love to get plastic wine glasses and serve sparkling cider for them to toast in the New Year with, but then only the other hand I really enjoy being Youth pastor.

I also considered a lock-in, but … well there are so many reasons not to do that at this juncture.

I have finally decided to try out my first attempt at a movie night. We will be watching The Princess Bride which is one of my favorite movies that I believe transcends generations, even though it was released before most of the people attending were born. Specifically only the adult leaders were born before the movie. I have just read the book and quite frankly I found it to be quite amazing. It is a work of fiction based within the framework of a greater work of fiction that supposedly is based in reality, but all of which is fiction. If you found that to be somewhat confusing then you might have some idea of what is going on with this book.

Anyways, we will be watching the movie and then watching the ball drop. We will also have games and a "hang out" corner so hopefully everyone will be happy.

I'll follow up with this tomorrow. Let me know what you guys are doing tonight and what you've done in the past that works with Youth.


Adelaide said...

Ahh, yes, the Princess Bride. Also happens to be my favourite movie.
When I put it into the DVD player, it's like that scene where two lovers run towards each other through a field of ... Buttercups.
I know the whole movie by heart, right to the end from the start.
No more rhymes, now I mean it. Anybody wanna peanut?

Nick the Geek said...

Have you read the book? It is a bit mind bending, but well worth it. I will let you in on a secret, the entire thing, including the various introductions, are fiction. You can even request an extra chapter which will get you a nice letter explaining that there is legal trouble but once it is cleared up they will send you the requested scene.

Anonymous said...

Hope there was no makin purple in that "Hang out corner". That just sounds like trouble!

jake - aka the comment novelist said...

As a lover of The Princess Bride, I was (belatedly) thrilled to read that you shared this gem with a new generation!

Then I read Adelaide's comment and was awestruck with her ability to incorporate the rhyming.

Genius. Pure genius.

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