Monday, December 22, 2008

So we had our Christmas party and it was generally fun. I went with a pretty open ended agenda with lots of time for just hanging out. We did Dirty Santa, or whatever you call it. If you aren't familiar with the game you put all the gifts up and then use numbers to randomly pick the people to go get gifts. Then they have the choice of picking a gift or stealing one that has already been unwrapped. This leads to great fun as long as people are into stealing the gifts.

We also played a fun game where you build a gingerbread house on someone's face and we had Rock Band 2 running, which is another post, and food so it was alright.

Then there was the garbage. One of the girls was cleaning her shirt down stair after the icing got on it, but instead of using the bathroom she used the sink out in the open. OK fine she was down there with another girl who was watching the door, then a guy went down and saw the one girl in her bra. Oh the drama. OK the guy should have been looking but she shouldn't have been out in the open, we have bathrooms. I had to talk to both sides about what should have been done blah blah blah.

Then I had to leave because our missionary speaker from top side needed a ride and I was it. I left my assistant in charge, and most of the Youth had cleared out, but apparently a couple of the girls got a bit energized and were wrestling over one of the gifts when someone lost their pants in front of everyone. I'm not sure if I wish I was there to try and handle the situation or if I was glad I wasn't so I didn't have to deal with that craziness.

Anyways, my assistant did a great job and she had the place cleaner than it was before the party so big bonus points for her.

I wonder if we can top this next Christmas?