Thursday, December 18, 2008

Together, together; if we ll work together how happy we'll be.

So for a while now I have been involved with a group of Youth ministers from other churches in our community. We have this crazy idea that if we work togetehr then we can accomplish more than if we try on our own. This is a new group in our area and I'm one of the founding members. Even befor eI came here I was feeling a push to work in unity with other churches. God has orchestrated this with like minded ministers. In fact, we also have with our group representatives from secular youth programs. I find it very exciting because I believe this is the foundation for making real change in our community. Basicaly, I figure if each of us goes on our own we will mostly shoffle teens from one group to another without really reaching the unchurched. If we work together we can better target our intended audience.

Today I was able to attend a meeting with one of the secular groups we have been working with. Several different groups form the community were represented in this meeting and it was great to be abel to work together with them. Imagine an entire community working to reach the teens in the community from different angles but in unity. We aren't there yet, but the idea just blows me away.

I have been doing a study in the book of Revelation, and I believe that we will be judged by our actions even as our sins are covered by the blood. When God looked at the churches of John's day He didn't send a letter to the church in Ephesus that mets in the house of Bob. He sent a letter to the church of Ephesus. I believe that we will see similar judgement. Right now God is writing a letter to the church of [insert your community here]. What does that letter say? Are the churches in your area so caught up with themselves that they are failing or are they workign together? I'm not saying we are perfect … far from it. There have been years of failure with the only church growth coming form church hopping. This is sad when the community is growing rapidly. Our churches should be busting at the seams.

Still I think we are starting to make steps in the right direction, and God is moving on the hearts of others as well. We have seen similar ideas growing for all aspects of the church not jus thte Youth. I'm even working to develop solidarity in the church between generations. I'll talk about that another time.

I've even been hearing that this is a growing trend across other communities. How is this going where you are at?