Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey, you know what I hate? The word Xtreme. Yeah I’m so sick of that word. The name of the Youth group used that word and I made it a point to change that but people around here don’t seem able to comprehend change. Xtreme was cool in the 90s but nearly 2 decades later it is the opposite of cool (not hot the other opposite). Groovy Youth would be a better name. Sure it is further out of date but that’s the point. Either it would be a new ironic name that would be cool and trendy or the group would have been so die hard to hold onto it for longer than I’m alive and so it would have real lasting coolness. Xtreme is lame.

On that note I would like to talk about the Block Party that we had on Saturday. It is called “Xtreme Teen Revolution.” I’m pretty sure that was a DDR game from 2001. I’m pushing for a name change and we were going with XTR which is almost acceptable but then all the sudden it went back to Xtreme again.

Still the party (or should I just call it a partay and be done with it?) was frigintastical. Seriously it was amazing. Last year was my first time to be involved and it went great. This year we had 2-3 times as many people there and the bands were way better.

Picture time.

This is the banner that I designed last year. We have 6 ministries on it right now but we've had a few others joining up with us so we need to add them in. There were 2 new ones at this event so that is frigintastic.

Just some crowd shots. I know some of these people but not all.

More crowd shots. We had 200-300 people there. I need to see if anyone counted cuz I'm so the suck at that.

Awesome shot of the banner at night while Restless Street was playing. They were awesomtastic.

Finally I have a crowd shot at night. I took about 700 pictures but this will be enough to get you an idea.

So anyways, I also got to shoot off my t-shirt canon. I got rid of the last of my tees plus a few from other churches and one of the bands, Hasten My Demise, donated a shirt for us to shoot off. I rubber banded one of the shirts for more distance and it went over the trees across the parking lot and into the woods behind the gazebo. Amazing. Then after dark I shot glow in the dark bracelets out of the canon.

Next year I think we can top this by dropping the name Xtreme. That right there will be a win.


Helen said...

I didn't realize Xtreme was no longer cool. Though I could not imagine why it was in the first place. Oh well....back to my knitting...(okay, I's actually crochet...which I was afraid might be a little cooler than knitting, taking away from the irony)

BeckeyZ said...

If we had a t-shirt canon, I'd probably hurt someone with it. Not on purpose of course, but as my drivers-ed teacher once told me, I'm an accident waiting to happen.

Nick the Geek said...

Xtreme never was very cool. It is what old people thought was cool back in the 90s and early 21st century so they labeled everything teen Xtreme this and Xtreme that. Knitting and Crochet, btw, are apparently way cooler than I use to think. I know a lot of young women that are all about yarn.

Just remember to aim over everyone unlike what your mad camera skilz tell you (see how I put the z on the end yeah that's cool)

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Maybe you can coolify Xtreme by uniting it with another word like you did with frigintastic.

Maybe Xtremendous.

Also, every time I read "T Shirt Canon" I think of either a camera company or some kind of 100% cotton doctrine.

Oh, I HAVE to do this WV:
The device used to measure wooage - specifically in a youth group dating square dance.

Wendy said...

Yeah, the Xtreme stuff is a bit, well, lame. Steph's comment about changing it to Xtremendous made my mind go right to Xcrement. Yeah, I went there. See? Just one more reason to drop the whole X thing.

katdish said...

I'm still impressed by the sign you designed. That's really cool, Nick.

No, really - I'm impressed. You're not going to get that from me very much...

Nick the Geek said...

In my beliefs system if you do not wear 100% cotton tees you shall burn in the pits of polyester sweat stains.

I'm going to use that and see if it helps people to get my point.

I dabble in design and this is one of my favorite pieces I've done. It was a real pain but it turned out great. I'm not sure how well you can see it but the top right ministry is mine and I designed that logo also. Anywho, thanks for the compliments.

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