Saturday, June 6, 2009

When last we saw our coniving captain of confidence he had just downed a lo-carb energy drink to counter the lulling spell of the siren of boredom and grump. How will he deal with the Bored of Grump now that he is at full ADHD strength once again?

"Put that can down!" Cried the Elder Grump.

"It's too late. Your power has been broken," SYP replied calmly.

"You think that is the limit of my power? I had hoped to do this the easy way but you refused to cooperate. This will be on your head. Elders unleash the church split array."

The church began to shake as one of the elders flipped a hidden switch. The quaking seemed to rouse Super Pastor from his hypnosis.

"Oh no," he exclaimed, "They are going to cause a church split. SYP we have to stop them."

How will Super Pastor and our hero savew the church? Tune in next time. Same SYP time same SYP blog. Or maybe later today since this is all I can send.


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