Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just a really quick note here. I'm in the middle of nowhere Northern CA. I have no cell phone signal and would have to travel at least half an hour to get one. My only access to the digital world is through a dialup connection. OK sure it may not be third world but compared to my normal near cybernetic existence it is as if I have lsot one of my senses.

Not one of the important ones like sight, hearing, or touch. No one of the elsser senses like taste and smell. Sure it is handy to be able to taste and smell but people that ahve lost those can carry on as if they have no handicap whatsoever just as long as they remember to bathe regularly.

I speak from personal experience having known someone without a sense of smell. She made a ahbit of bathing regularly except for during the summer. She was a teacher and so tended to shower before church all summer long. Let me say that I would have gladly given up a sense of smell when I was around her during long hot summer days when she chaperoned a youth retreat I went on as a young man. I feel for the poor girls that had to share a room with her.

Anyways, I imagine my lack of digital sense is much like that. In a couple days we are driving down south to the real world again. Until then I am living in the 90s. How weird.


Wendy said...

Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but you do kinda digitally smell. Here's hoping your sense of technology will soon be returned to you...

Helen said...

I imagine it is difficult to feel disconnected. Hang in there.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

My favorite song from the 90s is Achy Breaky Heart.

And by "favorite" I mean, most annoying one I can think of to imprint on your mind while you're stuck in the Dark Ages.

You're welcome and come back soon!

katdish said...

Dude. You were apparently withou spellcheck as well. What? Somebody had to go there! Might as well be me.

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