Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey. Sorry about missing yesterday with this post. My wife had a minor surgery so I took the day off. If you haven't read Youth Pastor Fail below I listed the first 6 of the top 10 YP fails. That list focused on failing with the Youth by trying to be just like them. I'm still new at this but I think teens want real more than anything. I told them on my first night I was a geek and I haven't tried to be anything else. I love geeky stuff and I reference it in my sermons. That is just who I am. The last 4 are things that will be sure to get the rest of the church mad. Without further ado here is the rest of the Youth Pastor Fail top 10

4. The Trip Fail

By now you have given up on trying to be cool enough for the Youth, but try to think outside the box. The Youth keep saying there is nothing fun to do, so try going on a fun trip. There are a lot of things you could do. Guys like paintball, there is an amusement park nearby and plenty of Christian concerts, but you want to go way over the top. Go for the whitewater rafting trip. These are an awesome experience and build trusting relationships. Any Youth Pastor can do the easy trips though. Don't bother with those silly level 1-3 rapids. You need to hit the Colorado during the height of the rainy season and spring melt. Those rapids will have everyone praying to sweet baby Jesus. Just be ready to return with fewer Youth than you left with.

3. The Party Fail

If you are still around after the Trip Fail it might be time to keep things closer to home. You may not have made the Youth Building the new cool place, but you can keep the party stuff and use it for a huge outreach. You don't want to turn anyone away so don't have the party at the church. Try to find a big place to rent with lots of private rooms, like a hotel. Don't bother with lots of chaperons because that will just turn the kids off. Let them pick their own music and just have fun. If they enjoy this party enough they might come by Youth some night, so just find a quiet corner and close your eyes, better yet go wait in your car. Sure there might be drinking, drugs, and sex, but you have everyone at a church event they just don't know it.

2. The Youth Service Fail

So you are still Youth Pastor? Now that is a pretty tolerant church. I think they are ready for an over the top Youth Service. Plan a Youth service during the regular church. Plan doesn't so much mean get with the Pastor and get things scheduled; as much as putting all your activities together. They usually only let the YP take over at services without half the church, like the Holiday anything goes service. The Youth deserve better. Just plan the service and get everyone there early. If the youth band is in place and playing when everyone walks it they'll have to just let things go. This is the only way you will ever get Sunday morning, so make it big. Have Youth stationed all over to throw skittles while you preach. Give the church the full treatment.

1. The Finance Fail

This is totally serious. If you do this you deserve to get fired and possibly prosecuted. This fail is when the YP or any person in the church thinks they deserve more. They start taking from the church in various different ways. You are stealing from God and are under judgment.

I didn't plan on ending so serious, but I just can't think of anything funny for the finance fail. I'm not sure what it says about me that I can speak lightly of not bringing all the youth back but can't joke on finances. I think it is because most YPs wouldn't intentionally put their kids at risk, but lots of ministers take from the church and justify it.

So to end humorously, if you try these and get canned let me know. I might be needing a new church after one of these fails. Maybe we can work out a switch.


Julie said...

I really enjoyed these youth pastor fail lists! Somedays I really feel like I'm failing, so I read this and think "it could be worse!" haha thanks for brightening my day!

Nick the Geek said...


thanks for the comment. It is funny how quickly we can feel like failures. God is good though.

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