Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I actually have a couple other blogs. Likely nothing you have ever heard of, but I'm starting this new one completely separate for a reason. I am a Youth Pastor in a somewhat small town and many of my Youth know about my other blogs. I don't feel comfortable talking about my experiences at Youth Pastor on those blogs. It's not that I don't want to seem human. I welcome them seeing me as more human and so easier to relate with, no I don't want them to know some of my thoughts fears and questions that relate to them.

Let me be completely honest here, I'm planning on being sarcastic quite often in this blog, but totally honest as well. I plan on throwing out some ideas but also complaining about not knowing the answers. I might even bring up some particularly difficult issues that are going on with the youth and I don't want to have to censor some of these thoughts.

I am new to being Youth Pastor. I was a carpenter for 7 years while I finished my degree and I just started the whole YP thing about 7 months ago. There is a lot I don't know. For example, I don't know how to fail yet. It isn't that I'm going to fail, I figure I"ll fail miserably many times, but I don't know how it will happen.

I think knowing how to fail is possibly better than knowing how to succeed. Think about it, when you know how to fail you can learn from it so you don't fail like that again. If you succeed ... well there are just too many variables to try and duplicate that success the next time. Often failing is the only way we can learn.

Anyways, I hope that this blog can help others; although I have to admit I'm a it selfish and really plan on it helping me. Since there is so much for me to learn I hope to find some people that have been through to the other side that can give me advice from their experience.