Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I think maybe I should say a small bit about myself. I have to be careful what I say because I am being a bit anonymous, unlike other blogs I have. Any name I post will likely be changed to protect the innocent ... well usually they won't be that innocent but whatever.

I was raised a Christian, and didn't really have a huge fall from faith like many. My testimony is pretty tame, but awesome none the less. God kept me from evil things and that is pretty freakin' cool. I went to a Bible college in the Midwest and spent a lot of my life there since I wanted to avoid too much debt. I have skills as a carpenter because of that. I have picked up some other skills in my life as well. We all need skills.

I am married with kids. I think kids are great.

Oh, and I'm an ├╝ber geek. I'm ok with that finally because geek is finally getting the respect it deserves. This is one thing I probably should reveal about myself because the Youth might figure it out, but I know enough YPs to know that this revelation will have approximately 68% of all Youth Groups guessing that their minister is writing this blog.