Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am intentionally making a stark departure from the seriousness of yesterday's post. I will be addressing the subject again in the next couple of days. Before that I'd like to consider some funny illustrations I have used.

First let me say that technology is apparently of the devil. I love tech, but it always seems to fail at the worst possible moment when I'm preaching. That said, if I use a video in my sermon I like to have multiple ways of accessing the video so that when the embedded video in my power point fails even though it worked every time that I tested it including just before the sermon using the youth room computer I am prepared. If you are going to use video, then be prepared for them to not work when you need them by having them in different versions that can be run with more than one program.

I don't use videos that often because it makes them more special that way. I like to find videos that are funny rather than serious or cool. Until recently my favorite video was one I used in a sermon a few years ago to illustrate the fool from the book of Proverbs. I could find the video but I'll have to keep searching because it is great. In it a kid puts a firecracker between his teeth and lights it. This is a perfect example of the fool because the boy is wearing safety glasses. He understands that he needs to protect his eyes for safety but doesn't connect that blowing up a firecracker in your mouth is going to hurt your mouth. If I find it I'll post it because nothing illustrates the fool better.

My new favorite video I saw watching Americas Funniest Home Videos. It isn't a particularly recent video I just saw it recently. I'll post it rather than describe it.

Guy Test Out Dog Shock Collar

Some points of interest. For bark number 4 he does a nice little chicken wing. In general if something makes you do a chicken wing it is time to stop. The last shock comes without the bark.

I won't say right now what my sermon was or the point I was illustrating because I think it would be pretty memorable at which point I might as well say my name and where I am.


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