Saturday, July 4, 2009

Like I said the past couple of days there are a lot of really great things about this vacation. I had to pull the bad out so the good would look even better by comparison. Today I'm going to talk about the plan trip, the boardwalk, and the redwoods.

The flight out was interesting to say the least. Tuesday I got a call that the flight was cancelled but that they had rescheduled us for a later flight that arrived earlier. We flew into LAX instead of DFW. This resulted in a shorter layover but a much longer first flight. The second leg was about an hour. The trip was pretty straight forward but since it was a first for all of our kids it was great. We take up 5 seats with the baby in our laps. We had to keep passing him around and he really enjoyed looking outside. My youngest girl is a huge chicken and we were worried she would get scared and scream bloody murder so during takeoff I told her to pat her lap then clap her hands then wave her hands in the air, shake her whole body, and yell "blast off." Anyone get that one? Anyways she was a bit whiney till she looked outside. She ended up taking the window seat and really calming down. We have 2 portable dvd players and the other two watched those while the youngest girl stared out the window till she fell to sleep.

Anyways, we finally arrived and drove down to San Jose where we stayed the night. My little girl that enjoyed the plane so much started puking in the car and at the hotel but I lucked out and she wasn't in the car I rode in or in the room when she puked. The next day she was better and we went to the board walk in Santa Cruz. Has anyone seen The Lost Boys? It's an 80s vampire movie. I really enjoyed the movie as a kid because I'm kinda weird like that. Anyways, places like the boardwalk remind me of that movie so the whole time I was wondering where the vampires were hidden. I never found them but my kids had a blast riding a few rides and playing in the sand. They wanted to play in the ocean but the water was frigid.

I looked it up and the boardwalk in the movie is the same boardwalk I was at. That must be why I felt like I was in the movie the whole time. Freaky.

These are my kids enjoying rides at the boardwalk while their dad keeps a vigilant watch for strange teens lurking deep in the shadows, a sure sign of a vampire menace.

Here in the full sun I can relax and know my kids are safe, but who knows what lurks under the boardwalk in the background.

Even though we didn't get in the water it was a pretty fun day. Afterwards we drove around San Francisco to a campground at the edge of Humboldt CA State Park for Costal Redwoods. More about that Monday.


Wendy said...

My husband has always liked vampire movies and loves Lost Boys. But now he says the whole genre is ruined for him because of all the sparkly lovesick teenage vampires. I must read Twilight just to torture him.

Beth said...

You have a good least a good subconscious one!

Cute pics of the kids! If your kids and my kids ever got together, it would be fun mayhem. We're planning our first "take the kids camping" trip for later this month, so that should provide a lot of blog material for me.

And Wendy...I'm reading the Twighlight series IS a little over dramatic with the teenage goo goo ga ga love, but I'm liking it more than I thought I would.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

So I've never seen "Lost Boys" but if it's going to cause a mocking like Princes Bride did, forget I said that. Your kiddos are SO cute! I think this is the first time I've ever seen real pics of anyone in your fam - you've been quite incognito.

Nick the Geek said...


My wife and I both enjoy vampire movies. Being a girl (for which I am very thankful) she enjoyed Twilight much more than I did. I don't consider it a vampire movie as much as a teen love story that happens to include a few vampires and werewolves.


Yeah I was really weirded out about the whole boardwalk thing so my subconscious new where we were long before I did. I did associate it with the right movie though so my subconscious isn't too deep I guess.

You might think it would be mayhem but my kids are really well behaved around others. Seriously we get compliments all the time, but in the privacy of their own home they are unreal.


Don't worry Lost boys isn't in the same class as the Princess Bride. It was a good movie with an interesting plot, plus it stared a young Keifer Sutherland, but it couldn't even polish the shoes of the Princess Bride so you are excused from watching it unless you happen to be bored and want to see a fairly funny 80s vampire flick. (Warning my sense of humor may be somewhat warped so you may not find the movie funny).

katdish said...

Okay...your kids are adorable.

The hair? Reminds me of my Rachel. Glad you're back and can recover from your vacation.

I'm going to have to rent the Lost Boys. It's been so long since I've seen that movie.

Nick the Geek said...


which hair? the youngest daughter's is always in her face. It was a freak photo when the wind blew it out of her face while she was "driving." Also, did anyone else notice she was driving with both hands? Seriously that was the funniest thing to watch, I wish I had video.

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