Tuesday, July 14, 2009

  1. 1. He is a bigger geek than me
  2. Seriously guys, this guy is like the geek extreme. I have seen him in concert a few times, I have read one of his books and let me just say the guy make me look normal in his geekitude. I don't know if I could ever attain that level of geek. He is the 9th dan geek master and I am a lowly white belt. The guy won't use public bathrooms with electronic eyes because they cause him existential crisis. Now that is geek there.

  3. He has more energy than me
  4. I have a significant amount of energy. My youth regularly ask how much coffee or how many Monsters I have had. They think I must be bouncing off the walls hyper because of something I have ingested. The truth is it has been nearly 2 months since my last monster. I have more energy than pretty much the entire youth group. At King's Fest I was the last to go to bed and the first to wake up and I was pushing hard the entire time, but then I watch David Crowder on stage and can't help but think that the world is standing still while he bounces through it.

  5. He is beast on the guitar
  6. Have you heard him? I can't imagine there is a style of music he can't play. I love how each song he is bringing out a new guitar. One day I hope to be able to play about 1/10th as good.

  7. He has a Guitar Hero controller that plays music
  8. Did I mention he plays a different guitar with every song? Yeah one song got the Guitar Hero guitar. Now I know he didn't make it but he pays it and that if frigintastical in geekdom so far as I am concerned. On a side note I am now making plans on how to one up him. I think I can make something pretty easy using the wii version and connecting via blue tooth to the computer. Then I can not only get the sounds like his but I can use the accelerometer in the wii-mote for distortion effects.

  9. He plays a lime green keytar
  10. One of the other guitars was a keytar. Not just any keytar but a lime green one. It is amazing. I want it.

  11. He can rock the Super Mario Theme
  12. Yeah I am a child of the 80s and hearing the Super Mario Theme triggers a deep part of my brain that makes me desire to jump on people's heads. If I were David Crowder I would end up jump into the crowd after playing that. He apparently has more restraint than I.

  13. He is a bigger twitter ho than me
  14. I have only started following @crowderband. Sure there may not be as many updates but they did make a video called "Twitter will kill you" that is unreal. Seriously you won't believe how amazing it is until you see it.

  15. He has a wicked goatee
  16. I could grow a goatee like his, but it would take ages and I'm just not that dedicated.

  17. He has an ├╝ber cool fro.

Ok, I'll admit I have amazing hair but that fro is unreal. I could do mine up like that but it wouldn't be as awesome.

Now for one reason why David Crowder is less frigintastical than me.

  1. He is from Waco, TX

This isn't just Texas. That is bad enough. He is from Waco. That is the same place as David Koresh. David Crowder … David Koresh. I'm just saying they have the same first name and share the same city. Plus Texas heat must boil people's brains every summer. No wonder so many crazy people live there right @katdish?


Helen said...

If you knew he could count to nine, you'd have ten reasons David Crowder is more frigintastical than you....

Helen said...

Oh goody....you got your kindergartner to come and help you with the countdown...very good problem solving technique, dude...

Nick the Geek said...

Now that was just mean. There was no counting problem it was a problem in how my blog editor handled the ol/li attribute and how it is interpreted by web browsers. I had to go in and edit the html to make my ol show correctly.

Wendy said...

Oh, thank goodness! That 1,1,1 thing was driving me batty. Of course, you could just say you were using binary... But then, where are the 0's? Unless they're invisible 0's! Man, that would be cool.

Wendy said...

Ooo! Just had to do another comment because...

WV: sluvitt: Girl sluvitt when guys have an awesome fro.

katdish said...

I love the whole "I could care less what you think but care about what God thinks" attitude of Crowder.

The hair and goatee is a bit frightning, though.

Hey, I guess it works for him.

Helen said...

I see....so the reason why you didn't have the numbers listed correctly is because you are smarter than me...okay...

Nick the Geek said...


no the reason I didn't have the number listed correctly is because people smarter than me apparently aren't.

Nick the Geek said...


I sluvvit when people geek out in binary.

I love his hair and goatee. I feel like he is a bit crazy but in a good way when I see him.

David Crowder Band said...

Ha! Too Funny, PuriChristos!
Thanks for all the props!

jasonS said...

nice list and that video is absolutely fantastic. The way he mimics precisely at the end the little boy from that other youtube video is amazing.

tsholo said...

wow, @davidcrowder commented on your blog...i'm in awe.

and great list too. david crowder rocks!

geeks FTW!

Holly Brennan said...

Hahahaha. Love David Crowder! I just saw them at CreationFest 09 NE, and loved all the different guitars. Amazing.

@Nick the Geek - glad I'm not the only one who digs the hair. Wish I could rock the fro with half as much style. :) It's amazing hair.

Beth said...

Yup. David Crowder is definitely a geek who cannot be put in a box...dare I call him...geektastic?

And I totally have wanted a keytar forever. But not a goatee.

Shark Bait said...

10. Because he is David Crowder, and you're not.

But how cool is it that you sucked him into your blog? Seriously!

There are 10 kinds of people in the world; Those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Nick the Geek said...

OK, I am happy. That is all.

I very much love that part and when I showed it to my sister she was laughing so hard at that part but didn't know about the doped up kid they were mimicking so I had to find that video to show her. Good times. Then we played Zombie flux and I played a goal card that let the Zombies win because that was funny. Um, where was I? Oh shiny ...

Welcome to the blog. I went over to read yours but then got distracted, probably something shiny so I need to go back. I am very excited about getting DC*B to comment here.

Holly Brennan,
Welcome also. I haven't made it over to your blog yet. Sorry once I get distracted it's hard to get back on track. I'll make it a goal to make it that way soon. One of the YPs I work with was at Creation with his youth. I was in CA with my MIL at the time, but I saw DC*B at ATF in Baltimore not long before and then at Kings Fest this past weekend.

Yes say geektastic. I would. I'm more interested in making the guitar hero midi controller. I've been researching it and I'm convincing my wife to let me buy the controller and bluetooth adapter for my computer.

But I am NtG and he is not. OK I get the point that he is frigintastical in ways I never could be but I wanted 9 not 10 because the 10th was an unreason. Don't harsh my buzz here man.

Also, I am so excited about getting DC*B to read my blog that you couldn't really bring me down if you tried.

Finally, I want that t-shirt sooooooooooooo bad. My BIL has it so I sholda stolen it form him while I was visiting and been all, "oops musta gotten with our clothes by accident just like I left my razor there by accident."

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

NtG!!! You got a comment from DCB?! You rock!

I hadn't seen that video, but I just watched it. (And totally annoyed Charlie in the process. Bonus!)

DCB may be geektastic, but you'll always be our Nick the Geek. You're THE Geek. David Crowder is just THE Band. I'm just sayin.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

ok, 9 reasons - a bit weak if you ask me, but I'll give you 9. I've never heard any of your CDs or seen you in concert, but am assuming he's got you beat there.

But he loses big time with the hair and the goatee. You seriously have anchorman hair, RB would be very jealous.

And I'll bet you every DC song on my iPod that he doesn't have a t-shirt cannon.

I think he needs you for his next performance. The two of you together would be explosive.

Nick the Geek said...


Actually David Crowder is not THE band. DCB isn't even THE band. The are careful to avoid the definite article. They have said that if there is ever a need to differintiate themselves from another David Crowder Band they will append "The Original" to the front of the name but until then it is just David Crowder Band.

Of course they have me beat there. I was trying to compare apples to apples here. I mean seriously you can't really compare my concert skillz (yeah I went with a z) since I don't have any. I do have great hair but I always love when someone can pull off a crazy hair look and not make you worry that a stabbing is in the near future.

Holly Brennan said...

BTW, I got an @comment on Twitter from dc*b. I was pretty amazed. It made me think of this blog post.

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