Wednesday, July 8, 2009

OK so I'm skipping some vacation posts to give my Wednesday night follow-up. I really missed my students. I mean really missed them and it turns out they really missed me. They told me that and even told me that they were glad to have me back because it is more fun with me there.

I have to say that is the kind of thing that will make my head get really big. I know that sometimes they can drive me freakin nuts (oh how I long for grape fruit) they also make me unbelievably proud.

Anyways, there were plenty of new faces and lots of excited greetings but also a lot of important details to hash out. I gave them details on the vacation including a picture slide show and avoided any of the nastier details, because they don't need to hear that. I also had to give some info on the trip we are taking tomorrow and on some other upcoming events.

Speaking of that, tomorrow I am going to a 3 day music festival at an amusement park with 20+ people and meeting up with 3 or 4 other groups from our area. It is going to be a blast but I'll be away from my wife and kids till Sunday. Also I probably won't be keeping up with my blog till Monday, but that doesn't excuse people from commenting.

I'm a little scattered, which is weird since we were out of lo carb monster, so it has been like 4 weeks since my last one but I don't need caffeine to distract me.

Tonight I talked about being a servant. I'll be following that up over the next couple of weeks. Anyways, that is the details on what happened at Youth.


Candace Jean July 16 said...

We really love you too, Nick! Now we have to miss your chatter again! I'm sure you'll have a blast and you'll be back in your element, unlike vacation.

Two questions, don't your youth read your blog and doesn't your MIL read it? Do we need to send them the url?

WV:pivate, as in NO, my blog is rather pivate. Leave my MIL outta this.

Wendy said...

Were you crying when you started typing this post? Just checking.

Have fun while you're away. Tweet, huh? And bring back some good stories. We'll be waiting.

katdish said...

Well of course they missed you, you big dork! Enjoy yourself. See you on. The twitter!

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